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The DemBlock marketplace is an already fully functioning and working decentralized electronic marketplace with the possibility to offer notarized supplier data on the blockchain. Demblock ICO rating – 67

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Active ICO : 20/04/19 – 28/08/19

ICO rating
Business: 16/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 10/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 15/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 10/20 
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About Demblock ICO (token sale)

The DemBlock ICO marketplace is intended to grow as a comprehensive and sophisticated global trade DemBlock marketplace which offers corporate and sourcing verifications for sellers on the blockchain, thus enabling them to offer far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, scalable and trustworthy sourcing solutions for their customers.

Offering more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, scalable and trustworthy sourcing solutions for customers on the DemBlock marketplace means enabling suppliers to publish immutable corporate and sourcing data which is then notarized as decentralized information on the blockchain. Every alteration of corporate and sourcing data will be visible on the blockchain.

The above-mentioned features were technically not possible prior the emergence of the blockchain technology.

The current marketplaces offer text and picture uploading technologies which are in part older more than 25 years. These technologies allow it to change online text and pictures without an immutable and visible trace of the alternation of a particular data and without any possibility to estimate how long a particular data has been online prior a change has been made. By utilizing blockchain technology the reliability and reputation of suppliers can be verified and monitored by analyzing the historic records in the blockchain.

Application of the blockchain technology in the global trade will enable all participants to get access to auditable data that has been verified, time-stamped and immutable.

Having assessed these issues, we eventually came to the understanding that these negative aspects of online accessible corporate data only can be overcome with the blockchain based technology integration into the traditional product listing marketplace. The blockchain technology seems the most appropriate, due to the fact that it is incorruptible, encrypted and trackable. The innovation we have made for product listing marketplace by offering blockchain based corporate and sourcing verification sets us apart from the competition.


In order to facilitate the further development of the DemBlock marketplace, as well as to encourage adoption, we are offering DemBlock tokens during our token generation event:

  • The DemBlock ICO token total supply is 10.000.000 DemBlock tokens;
  • The token generation event lasts 130 days;
  • 77% of the total token supply is being offered during the token generation event;
  • 23% of the total token supply is reserved for the founders;
  • All of the founders’ tokens will be locked up for six months;
  • In the end the total minted token supply will be the founders’ 23% of 10.000.000 DemBlock ICO tokens plus all the sold tokens during the TGE. The maximum amount that can be minted and sold during the TGE is 77% of the total token supply of 10.000.000 DemBlock tokens;
  • The minimum purchasing quantity is 50 DemBlock tokens;
  • 50 DemBlock ICO tokens cost 0.5 ETH;
  • Hard cap: 100.000 ETH;
  • Soft cap: none;
  • Ticker symbol: dbto1
  • Accepted fiat currencies: none;
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH;

The reason why we have no soft cap is due to the fact that we have already invested in-house our funds to build the DemBlock ICO MVP marketplace.

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