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The first global community fed green energy company. You can earn rewards while doing your bit. Rowan Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 01/04/19 – 30/04/19

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web site Rowan Coin
web site Rowan Coin
web site Rowan Coin
web site Rowan Coin

About Rowan Coin ICO (token sale)

Rowan Coin ICO is designed as an incentive for sustainable living. Blockchain-driven, we intend to reward people from different parts of the world, who engage in sustainable practices. We have recognised that people are more active and willing to engage in an activity if there is a reward involved.

Also, we have recognised the huge potential the blockchain technology has for the people and the whole planet. This is why Rowan Coin ICO has been created. The uses for Rowan Coin are almost endless, rewards can be given for any number of green habits.

We are building the worlds first community fed green energy club; Rowan Energy Club.
Our members will be part of a new and exciting energy revolution. Members will be able to buy their energy from other members who produce it using solar panels. If our community requires further energy we will be able to go to a main supplier of green energy and we will be able to buy energy as a community demanding far greater discounts than any other energy company.

Rowan Coin ICO will be the supporting currency for all your energy needs.


Rowan Coin ICO (RWN) is an ERC20 token based on the RowanBlock blockchain.
The Smart contract will issue a set number of pre-mined tokens for distribution in the ICO the bounty program and to support the community ecosystem while the platform is being developed. Only 20 million RWN coins will be pre-generated out of a total of 45 million coins that will ever be available. The blockchain is a new Proof of Authority consensus using low powered miners to confirm transaction. These miners are owned by every member making all of the members part of the eco-system.

The token does not represent a stake or voting rights in the company.

Each token will initially be distributed in a multi staged ICO, The token will be transferable very soon after the token sale is complete.

How can you get hold of Rowan ICO Tokens?

Using our custom made low powered hardware adopters you will earn tokens for choosing to generate or consume clean green electricity.

The small Rowan Miner will connect back to our Rowan Mining Pool. The Rowan Miner is a small authority server that earns rewards for processing transaction on the blockchain making each of our members part of the RWN Eco-system and earning blockchain rewards for their effort.

A similar devices can be installed in electric vehicles. If your car is a hybrid or a Fossil fuel car you can still take part but up to 50% of your mind tokens goes into our Food Forest project where trees are planted to neutralize their car’s carbon emissions.

You can also earn Rowan Coins as part of our rewards scheme when you hold your tokens in a secure RowanVault Lockbox.

Rowan Energy Club will be built on the proven multi level marketing model. You can introduce friends and family as a ‘Gardener’ and earn further Rowan Coin as rewards.

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