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Global social project based on blockchain where users can take an part in creating the historical ecosystem of the world. LetsTrip ICO rating – 63

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Active ICO : 20/04/19 – 04/06/19

ICO rating
Business: 15/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 7/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 13/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 13/20 
web site LetsTrip
web site LetsTrip
web site LetsTrip
web site LetsTrip
web site LetsTrip
web site LetsTrip

About LetsTrip ICO (token sale)

Let’s Trip ICO is a mobile application, service to add new points to the map, advertising exchange. Mob app is actively developing within the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus already. Installing the mobile application, the user receives access to the full information that the service provides. It’s more than 4000 interesting places on the map of Russia (the Republic of Belarus in test mode). On the project’s service, visitors get to know our team, offer their services (design, editing, photography) and receive rewards for it, and test new service features. Advertising exchange will provide access to the advertising media placement within the application.

LetsTrip ICO GOAL: to help people discover more interesting places

LetsTrip ICO MISSION: to develop technologies that can improve the world

Let’s Trip ICO is a daring project. Yes, we are ready to compete for each user with cartographic monopolists; we are ready to completely replace paper atlases, compasses, and translators; in the future, our service will allow you to get good discounts in hotels, banks, and restaurants. We stand for the freedom of speech – add new sights, rate places, write reviews on any location on the general tourist world map. We save each tourist a little money, about $ 15 – this amount consists of an offline tourist guide purchase, a discount at a restaurant, etc. For advertisers and creative professionals, we offer a new channel of interaction with the audience and the opportunity to sell services in a new format.

Let’s Trip ICO is a tourist ecosystem designed to describe places that are nearby the tourist. The service cryptocurrency offers a diversified development of relations between the buyer and the seller on its own advertising exchange. Services are provided by advertisers and paid through the blockchain technology smart contracts system.

You are a manager and tomorrow you are going on a business trip to a nearby city. Install the Let’s Trip ICO app. During the ride, you will receive coins for the spots that are on the map near you. You can trade these coins for delicious coffee from our partners, a discount at a hotel or get information about where to change LST for fiat money.

You are a restaurant owner and the corrida is planned in the city tomorrow. Go to the Let’s Trip decentralized advertising exchange, register and place an order for your restaurant appearance in the app for tourists. You can easily purchase cryptoactives on the exchange, or wait for an interesting offer from advertising agencies. You can also choose a good photographer and a text editor for your restaurant. The result – before and after the corrida, every Let’s Trip user saw your restaurant on the map and came for tasty treats from the chef.

Let’s Trip ICO

ICO Let’s Trip ICO begins on April 20, 2019, and ends in 1 month. 1.25 billion LST will be put up for sale during the ICO. The price of 1 LST coin: on TRC10 will be 0.5 TRX; on ERC20 will be 0.00008628 ETH. In total, 750 000 000 LST of the TRC10 standard and 500 000 000 of the ERC20 standard will be released on ICO. Upon completion of the ICO, the tokens will be migrated to the smart contract TRC20. Total supply of simulated tokens on TRC20 is 5 billion.

The exchange rate will not correlate with the price of LetsTrip ICO in US dollars (tariffs will not be provided by online resources, the actual exchange rate cannot differ from those used due to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate). After the ICO, all unsold coins will be burned with provided confirmation. There are additional bonuses for first buyers. Bonus coins will be added to the coins that you purchased during the first week of ICO; LST coin buyers will receive 10% additional coins.

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