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Sustainable, eco-friendly cryptomining for everyone. Solismea ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 24/04/19 – 30/04/19
ICO Dates is not defined (TBA)

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web site Solismea
web site Solismea
web site Solismea
web site Solismea
web site Solismea
web site Solismea

About Solismea ICO (token sale)

While cryptomining can generate income, expenses like electricity, internet connection, and computing hardware also impact the net revenue generated by cryptocurrency mining.

SOLISMEA ICO has designed a system with sustainability and profit in mind.

To be able to mine various types of cryptocurrencies, the mining rigs utilize GPU-miners, each rig operating on solar power. Since the amount of electricity generated highly depends on sunlight intensity, it is designed to utilize a solar power system with batteries instead of relying on the grid when the consumption is greater than the amount generated (cloudy days or at night).

SOLISMEA ICO also have developed a smartphone app for investors with mining contracts to monitor and manage the conttracted/virtual miner.
Right now, most of the mining capacity is in China, due to the low energy and labor costs. This is about to change however, as the Chinese government has banned cryptocurrency mining in China, effective from 2021.

This means the cryptomines operated there will have to be moved or shut down completely, which makes the perfect time to take part in this multi-billion dollar business.

SOLISMEA token distribution

The SLM token is an ERC-20 standart-based Ethereum token.
Investors receive SLM token in exchange for the investment.

Total supply: 990 000 000 SLM tokens.
Token price: 0,01 USD or it’s equal in ETH or BTC

SOLISMEA ICO Presale details
Target: 49 500 USD
Bonus: every 10 ETH worth of investment, 100 Mh/s for 2 years mining contract.

Soft cap target 1: 247500 USD (160+ GPUs)
Soft cap target 2: 2475000 USD (1600+ GPUs)
Soft cap target 2: 4950000 USD (3200+ GPUs)
Hard cap: 9900000 USD (6400+ GPUs)

At least 10 ETH purchase: 25 Mh/s for 1 year every 10ETH spent
At least 100 ETH purchase: 275 Mh/s for 1 years every 100ETH spent
At least 1000 ETH purchase: 3000 Mh/s for 1 years every 1000ETH spen

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