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MobaProject is exchange project with multifunction features: Exchange platform, E-shop, RewardBox. MobaCoin ICO rating – 44

ICO MobaCoin Visit MobaCoin ICO site

Active ICO : 25/04/19 – 25/07/19

ICO rating
Business: 12/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 5/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 9/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 7/20 
web site MobaCoin
web site MobaCoin
web site MobaCoin
web site MobaCoin
web site MobaCoin
web site MobaCoin

About MobaCoin ICO (token sale)

Mobacoin ICO is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexchange, mobacoin ICO is designed using a contract smart ethereum. using code specify ERC-20.

Mobaex (MobaCoin ICO) is an online Exchange + marketplace engaged in the sale of gaming vounchers, credit and other needs. we will release mobaex soon after the token sales stage is complete. we will immediately resolve the legality of the company from the government through the bapetti to get permission for business clarity. because building a business is required to have written permission from the government that has been regulated in state laws. without legality, a company will be labeled as an illegal company even though the company is already running.

For development design. we will prioritize our company in 2 places. namely Malaysia and Indonesia. even so, our company will be global in nature, which can be used by everyone in the world. we will update the status of the company in our marketplace special whitepaper when the marketplace is complete.

Your participation in ICO mobacoin really determines the continuation and development of the project.

Mobacoin ICO information

Name: Mobacoin
Symbol: MBC
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC-20
Total supply: 999,999,999 MBC
Smartcontract: 0x47aF9FD69AdC231E674140c81811a640dD92dC51
Token sale: 250,000,000 MBC
Divident: 500,000,000 MBC
Exchange rate price: 1 MBC = 0.0005 eth ICO Price: 1 MBC = 0.00025 Eth
ICO Bonus: Up to 30%

Function of mobacoin

1. Digital currency
Mobacoin was created so that it can be used as a global digital currency, which can be used by all cryptocurrency users throughout the world.

2. Main fiat
Mobacoin ICO is also created as the main fiat in the future moba exchange. we also target mobacoin to enter many Exchange.

3. Main pair
We will use Mobacoin as one of the pairs on the mobaexchange.

4. Purchasing products
Mobacoin ICO will be used to purchase products in our marketplace.

5. Exchange fees
You can use mobacoin to buy anything in our exchange, not just limited to:
– Exchange fees
– Withdrawal fees
– Listing fees
– Any others fees

Stages of selling mobacoin ICO

We agreed to sell mobacoin in the form of ICO. ICO is stands for intial coin offering whose function is to raise funds from publict in the crypto currency industry. in ICO we sell only 25% of the total token. Our maximum targeting is 250,000,000 MBC, equivalent to 62,500 Eth. while the minimum target that we have to achieve to build this project is 15% of the total token of 100,000,000 mbc or the equivalent of 25,000 Eth at stage 1 and 50,000,000 MBC in stage 2. The main goal of selling these tokens is to collaborate with companies that we will collaborate with to procure products at MobaEx. And we will use a portion of the proceeds to enter the global exchange market.

specific sales of mobacoin are as follows.

Hardcap: 250,000,000 MBC
Softcap: 150,000,000 MBC
Price: 1 MBC = 0.00025 eth (4000 MBC / Eth)
Exchange rate price: 1 MBC = 0.0005 eth (2000 MBC / Eth)

MBC ICO will open in 2 stage

Stage 1 (Start at apr20,2019 – juny20,2019)
The minimum purchase of MBC is 0.05 eth

0.05 eth will get 200 MBC
0.1 eth will get 400 MBC + 10% Bonus
0.5 eth will get 2,000 MBC + 20% Bonus
1 eth will get 4,000 MBC + 30% Bonus

Stage 2 (Start at Juni20,2019 – July20,2019)
The minimum purchase of MBC is 0.05 eth

0.05 eth will get 200 MBC
0.1 eth will get 400 MBC + 5% Bonus
0.5 eth will get 2,000 MBC + 10% Bonus
1 eth will get 4,000 MBC + 20% Bonus

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