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Next generation blockchain real estate solutions. Zillios ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 30/06/19 – 31/08/19
Upcoming ICO : 01/09/19 – 30/11/19

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web site Zillios
web site Zillios
web site Zillios
web site Zillios
web site Zillios
web site Zillios

About Zillios ICO (token sale)

Zillios ICO is the fruit of dozens of years of combined experience in international real estate and offers a disruptive and highly innovative property sale and vacation rental platform, scalable on a global level, completely changing actual market practices with all its inefficiencies.

Currently both in property sales and vacation rentals, a limited number of leading portals dominate the market, lacking in transparency and leaving property owners and agents without control of the position of their listings in portal search results. Processes are inefficient and slow, resulting in unnecessary costs for the key players involved being dependant on portal traffic.

From a property buyer perspective, the current system leads to limited access to all available properties since most agents only show part of their properties on real estate portals, because of the high listing costs. This applies even more to buyers looking for properties abroad, as most portals are mainly home market oriented meaning international offer is fragmented over portals. Add to that language barriers, different national legislations, and third party middlemen, and it is obvious that buying property internationally is a cumbersome process.

In the case of vacation rental, owners either have the choice to work with agents or with leading advertising portals such as Airbnb or Homeaway. In all cases this results in high commissions and/or non-transparent advertising fees. Owners often do not receive prepayments, and only receive their payment after the arrival of the customer, while the customer pays for the booking in full, sometimes 180 days prior to their arrival. Owners and agents are not in control of their ranking within the portal nor do they control the complex booking flow of documents. Vacation renters suffer from commissions and non-transparent costs.

Having experimented these pitfalls first hand, we think it is time to shake up the real estate market, and that is why we created Zillios ICO. Zillios ICO is the next generation real estate platform; offering great value, control, transparency, and real time blockchain based peer-to-peer transactions to agents, home buyers, renters and owners all over the world. Zillios ICO completely changes the way the real estate market operates with its 0% commission model, providing a state of the art scalable infra- structure to all key stakeholders, including smart contract based features to tackle current inefficiencies in rental and buying processes.

Zillios ICO is based on a revolutionary freemium model, offering free property listings both to owners and agents thus exponentially boosting global property listings. Within Zillios ICO the listing position of individual properties in regional search results can be controlled with a pay per click auction bidding, common in digitally advanced sectors like e-commerce. This innovative geo based bid- ding system is a unique feature in both the property sale and vacation rental portal market, giving users full control over their property listing position and marketing budget.

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