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The Blockchain Revolution in the Supply Chain. edeXa ICO rating – 80

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Active ICO : 01/03/19 – 17/06/19

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 9/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 5/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 14/20 
web site edeXa
web site edeXa
web site edeXa
web site edeXa
web site edeXa

About edeXa ICO (token sale)

edeXa ICO wants to fundamentally modernize the entire supply chain of companies and make everyday business life revolutionary: record business transactions in seconds, drastically increase transparency and security and create simple interfaces. The solution is called Blockchain in the Supply Chain!

The edeXa ICO Business Blockchain

edeXa ICO concentrates on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), in which independent nodes use a uniform platform for standardized communication. edeXa ICO does without a classic mining approach and proof-of-work concept in order to significantly reduce energy costs and computing power. Only nodes with a legitimate interest will have access to the individual transaction details. Many industries and corporations are obliged by law to adhere to a strict need-to-know principle. edeXa ICO develops the appropriate solutions. We must therefore ensure that some transactions are not visible to all participants. In addition, it is not absolutely necessary for each participant to have access to all transactions. We develop technical solutions that meet the high requirements of data protection and data security. For example, we use procedures such as zero-knowledge evidence to ensure that information is transmitted securely.


A transaction is considered to be stored on the block chain if at least two parties verify a smart contract. One participant alone is not enough. As soon as at least two participants unanimously conclude a consistent transaction, it is permanently on the blockchain. The transaction must not conflict with previous transactions. However, even on such an advanced platform, human or technical errors can theoretically occur. Although the transaction block is then already completed, the participants can cancel their previous transaction in a new block. This cancellation thus remains stored as the newest block in the chain.

For a transaction to be valid, it must be unique as well as accepted and signed by all partners involved. We assume that in a corporate network and in everyday business, many actors act sincerely and honestly. However, we cannot (yet) ensure that all participants actually follow the rules. In the future, however, many rules and processes can be automated via smart contracts and unintentional intervention can be prevented.

ICO Token sale

With edeXa we are focusing on a novel product for small and large companies. For the success of such a project, we do not rely on a classic initial coin offering, but on a security token offering or STO for short. In contrast to the hundreds of existing ICOs, very few companies offer their customers a security token. It is time for a change and experts see a strong increase in the area of security tokens over the next few months.

The classic ICOs face a serious reputation problem. Many opaque and fraudulent projects overshadow the actual innovations. Investors receive a coin whose value depends on the success of the project. Most Coins do not have a real use. At the same time, investors lack the right to have a say and to participate in profits. In our view, investors should receive an attractive return for their investment. We are therefore relying on an appropriate profit share for our investors and an active exchange of information and the right of proposal.

An investment in edeXa ICO is also attractive because the company benefits from the experience and support of its parent company io-market. In contrast to many start-ups, io-market has been successfully active on the international market for over 18 years.

io-market AG has a successful track record and many years of experience in the market. As a modern, innovative IT company, io-market is constantly looking for new solutions and innovative ideas. With edeXa ICO, io-market will be able to offer its customers a comprehensive and efficient blockchain solution in the future. io-market will be able to thus demonstrates its high and continuous pace of innovation in the interests of the customer. In future, all business transactions along the supply chain will be transparently recorded on the block chain and processed for business partners and suppliers.

For over 18 years, io-market AG has supported thousands of customers in optimizing business processes. io-market offers numerous cloud solutions for efficient and transparent communication and data transfer in the B2B sector for SMEs, international corporations and government institutions. io-market is a leading software manufacturer and service provider in the field of digitizing e-business processes. The solutions and services are modular and scalable and adapted to the needs of the customers. All solutions are based on an innovative cloud platform as Software as a Service. For customers, this means: flexible access independent of IT, quick and easy setup in the company and a future-proof application directly from the cloud. io-market simplifies procurement processes and invoicing so that customers can become more efficient and significantly reduce process costs.

edeXa ICO, as a subsidiary of io-market, focuses on the development and improvement of an innovative supply chain solution on the blockchain. Additionally, edeXa ICO benefits from the 1. Io-market will be the first big customer of edeXa ICO from the very beginning, because of the large active customer base of the parent company, which will also recommend the products of edeXa ICO.

Name: edeXa Security Token
Type: ERC20 Token
Blockchain: Ethereum
Total number of tokens: max. 20 million tokens
Sale: EUR 4.9 million (Hard cap)
Issue price: EUR 0.36 (Main sale price)
Minimum investment: EUR 500
Soft cap: EUR 500,000 (already achieved after a few days)
Distribution of tokens: Investors, marketing, bounty, company, employees
Payment: By bank transfer or crypto currency
Accepted currencies: EUR, ETH, BTC
Whitelist: Investors must reside in the European Economic Area.
Token sale start: December 2018

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