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The Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform. AssetStream ICO rating – 84

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PRE ICO Dates : 29/05/19 – 31/05/19
Active ICO : 01/06/19 – 30/11/19

ICO rating
Business: 19/20 Product: 4/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 5/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 5/5 Promotion: 16/20 
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web site AssetStream
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About AssetStream ICO (token sale)

AssetStream’s ICO vision is to create a sustainable microfinance platform based on blockchain technology. Inspired by the “International Year of Microcredit”— dedicated by the U.N. back in 2005 – and Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with the Grameen Bank in 2006 “for their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below”. The AssetStream ICO initiative was established to create a sustainable microfinance platform to enable growth and advocate poverty reduction of the unbanked population while providing an alternative, high-yield, peer-to-peer microfinance platform for everyone.

AssetStream ICO is a team of experts that have vast experience within the emerging market. By leveraging on the blockchain, AssetStream ICO aims to reduce poverty and bring financial inclusion by providing unbanked people with access to financial services. We will expand it to a full P2P network which will include the local communities that can take personal loans. AssetStream ICO aims to create an extensive micro-financing ecosystem and will raise financial awareness among our clients through consulting services and educational materials. We will be able to bring financially excluded people to the new global economy through blockchain.

AssetStream’s ICO platform will be able to include the following benefits:

1. Credit Rating and Badge System – A badge system will be provided to represent borrower behaviour. This will reflect the credit rating system of the borrowers. For example, if a user has several good behaviour badges, such as “paying the loan on time”, compared to a user who has a bad behaviour badge such as “defaulting on loans”, the lenders’ sentiment might lean towards lending borrowers with good behaviour badges.

2. Immutable credit data – Borrowers will not be able to reverse or erase their credit history.

3. Transparency – AssetStream’s smart contract operates in real time and expected obligations are transparent to all involved parties.

4. Two options for Lenders are provided in the platform:
– Handpicking – The lenders have a choice to decide which borrowers get the loan based on the borrowers’ criteria.
– Automatic matching – The lenders will trigger a matching system when they fill up the desired criteria they want for the loan and AssetStream platform will match the criteria to the specific borrower.

5. Lower transaction costs – AssetStream’s platform will be using the existing infrastructure and will bring out convenience for borrowers living in the rural areas. This will lower overhead and transaction costs.

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