CRESIO ICO review and rating


The CNMV gives the green light to CRESIO, being the first legal ICO in Spain. CRESIO ICO rating – 73


Active ICO : 01/05/19 – 01/08/19

ICO rating
Business: 15/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 8/10 Legal: 4/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 13/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 16/20 
web site CRESIO
web site CRESIO
web site CRESIO
web site CRESIO
web site CRESIO

About CRESIO ICO (token sale)

CRESIO ICO arises from the need to encompass absolute control in a single space of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In other words, to combine in a single platform the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges, with the most advanced functionalities for users, regardless of their level of knowledge, such as obtaining information on the state of the markets in real time, control the balance of wallets, monitoring work done in mining pools, announcements and registration of new Airdrops, without the need of having to operate individually. These functionalities will be carried out under an intuitive environment that allows an agile and control experience, always with maximum security and maximum transparency. Likewise, CRESIO ICO gives birth to an ERC20 token with several outstanding features, such as the possibility of making partial payment for the use of the platform and receiving passive income, thus converting it into a utility token.

Advantages of the CRESIO ICO

Time used: Thanks to the unification of exchanges, you will be able to fully capitalize the time spent avoiding multiple identifications and the consequent learning of the operation in each exchange. With CRESIO ICO it will only be necessary to learn the use in our platform, which has been developed to offer an intuitive interface and with ample help for user learning. Our main objective is to abstract the user from all the aspects related to the operation of each of the different exchanges so that he can focus on the most important aspects, obtaining profitability and acquiring knowledge.

Speed of action: The speed of action is essential since many times the speed of decision making affects considerably the profitability, for that reason we have designed the platform with tools that are easy to understand and with an intuitive interface.

Control: With our platform you will have control of each of the operations, personalized records, unified or individual balances, change of exchange, diversity of alerts, programming of operations, control of rigs, registration in Airdrops, among other tools, benefiting from an unprecedented accessibility control of your accounts.

Economic profitability: With a set of tools implemented in the CRESIO ICO platform that will show extended and organized information, you will be able to know which markets are the most appropriate to invest with the greatest probability of obtaining economic benefits, being our objective that the user receive more benefits operating on our platform than using the exchanges individually.

Participation: We want you to be part of the development of the platform. For this reason we insist that you send us suggestions and ideas for the expansion and innovation of the platform. The more the CRESIO ICO platform is used, the more suggestions will be obtained based on the individual needs of each user, forming, thanks to this, a complete and intuitive platform that embarks on everything related to the world of cryptocurrency.

CRES Token

CRES is a utility token created under Ethereum’s ERC20 technology, and will allow the user to pay € 5 of the total price of Subscription 35 to the CRESIO platform in CRES

CRESIO has set as the future objective to increase the amount of the subscription that can be paid with CRES until the full payment of the CRESIO platform is reached, once there is a high circulating volume and easy access for the acquisition of the token.

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