NiMEDix ICO review and rating


NiMEDix ecosystem aims to leverage on AI and Blockchain to solve an array of healthcare challenges in Africa. NiMEDix ecosystem ICO rating – 51

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/11/19 – 31/01/20
Upcoming ICO : 01/05/20 – 31/07/20

ICO rating
Business: 12/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 10/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 10/20 
web site NiMEDix ecosystem
web site NiMEDix ecosystem
web site NiMEDix ecosystem
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About NiMEDix ecosystem ICO (token sale)

NiMEDix ICO ecosystem is the much-needed disruptive solution in the African Health Industry. It is a unique medical ecosystem designed to decentralize the health sector in Africa using Artificial intelligence (machine learning) and the block- chain as a tool to disrupt and provide accessible, quality and affordable health care.

NiMEDix ICO allows direct interaction among consumers, insurers and service providers to improve health care access, reduce costs and streamline payments, regardless of whether it’s a patient, employer, insurer or government agency making a healthcare payment. We are seeking to improve care outcomes through effective coordination and eliminate much of the cost of redundancy, inefficient administrative policies, waste, abuse and fraud from the system.

NiMEDix ICO will Revolutionize the health sector by creating partnership opportunities between governments, corporate firms, high net worth individuals, and the masses to collectively contribute to the building of a new era in health care, make everyone a role player in the development of the health sector of the most populous nation in Africa and its environs.

AI and blockchain holds tremendous capacity for transforming the provision of healthcare services in resource-poor settings. Many of the healthcare systems hurdles in Africa could be addressed and overcome using AI supported by other technological developments and emerging fields.

The ubiquitous use of smart phones, combined with growing investments in supporting technologies (e.g., mHealth, health informatics, Electronic Medical Records and cloud computing), provide ample opportunities to use AI applications to improve public health outcomes in low-income country settings by effectively allocating scarce resources to areas in most need.

NiMEDix mission

NiMEDix ICO ecosystems understand that personalized healthcare is the future and AI/Blockchain implementation is the most efficient path to this outcome.

The way we collect, understand and use data on patient health, healthcare service and research is evolving fast into an era of “Man and Machine” in reaching near 100% accuracy in diagnosis, treatment, patient care plans and effectively forecast disease patterns or outbreak.

The core of NiMEDix is grounded in the proven and tested advantages of applying AI and blockchain technology to meet vast array Africa’s health care challenges.

The growth of AI and blockchain technology is a paradigm shift in healthcare technology.

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