Asure ICO ecosystem review and rating


First scalable decentralized social security network. Asure Network ICO rating – 83

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/08/19 – 15/08/19
Upcoming ICO : 01/12/19 – 31/12/19

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 10/10 
Roadmap: 8/10 Legal: 4/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 17/20 
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web site Asure Network
web site Asure Network
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About Asure Network ICO (token sale)

The Asure ICO ecosystem consists of the Asure Network, Asure Blockchain, the Asure Platform, and third-party applications.

The Asure network is a scalable blockchain network for decentralized social security systems. It lays the foundation for 10 billion people to have access to social security systems and achieves a great social impact where it is needed the most.

As the technological base that ensures optimal performance regarding the transaction throughput while maintaining the decentralized character of the network it guarantees the required level of transparency and cost-efficiency within the system. It is implemented as many Plasma side-chains that are connected to the Asure ICO Blockchain as well as the Ethereum blockchain or any other EVM compatible blockchain. Each side-chain is operated by several independent node providers who need to stake ASR tokens to reach consensus between them and therefore within the network. By staking ASR tokens, node providers can earn additional tokens by offering their computing power. There will be a side-chain for each social security system within the Asure network.

The Asure ICO Blockchain contains the Asure ICO root-chain and connected side- chains. Root-chain offers advantages in the area of security as well as interchain communication. All running Asure Blockchain nodes represent the Asure ICO Network. The Asure ICO Platform connects the backend infrastructure to applications which can be used by end-users or programming interfaces for developers to build applications on top of the Asure ICO platform.


The main value driver behind the ASR token price is the demand from the ecosystem where the token can be used in proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms and network governance.

The Asure Foundation has already developed several application scenarios and needs a scalable network for sustainable operation.

Social security systems cause large transaction volumes. By using the ASR tokens for transaction fees in the network, the demand for the ASR token and thus the value of the token increases.

Total Token Supply: 100.000.000
Token for sale: 45.000.000 ASR
Token Name: Asure
Token Symbol: ASR
Accepted currencies: ETH
Exchange Rate: 1 ASR = USD 1.00 (ETH equivalent)
Minimum Contribution: 0.5 ETH

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