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KNL – is a platform that unites and considers the needs of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. KNL ecosystem ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 12/05/19 – 14/08/19
Upcoming ICO : 15/08/19 – 15/08/19

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web site KNL ecosystem
web site KNL ecosystem
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About KNL ecosystem ICO (token sale)

A digitized asset is an asset either entrusted for safekeeping or temporary possession: whether it be crop volumes, an office center or an apartment. The KNL ICO platform offers to advantageously trade these assets on our own stock exchange, as well as obtain a security loan, investing in such loans.


Case1. A farmer can sell his future harvest on our platform. KNL arranges insurance for it, and the investor will be able to buy it now at a beneficial price.

Result: The farmer gets a profitable investment (floating capital for sowing) KNL receives a commission for the deal and insurance compensation, the investor gets the amount to be invested + revenue in the form of a KNL ICO token collateralized with real crops stored in KNL elevators. An investor can immediately sell it at the X price, trading on the stock exchange, or wait until December-January and sell this digital asset (real crops) at the price of: Х+40%

Case 2. The real estate developer can sell future square meters on our platform, KNL arranges insurance for them, and the investor will be able to buy them now at a beneficial price.

Result: The real estate developer gets an advantageous investment (floating capital for construction) KNL receives a commission for the deal and insurance compensation, the investor gets the amount to be invested + revenue in the form of a KNL ICO token collateralized with real square meters. An investor can immediately sell them at the X price, trading on the stock exchange, or wait 1-2 years and sell the digital asset (real square meters) at the price of: Х+100% at any moment, because the object will already be constructed.


This idea is rooted in the agrarian sector. Big agribusiness holding companies have been very long solving the problem of attracting investment by issuing their own corporate bonds and bills of exchange, the revenue on which can reach 20%.

Unfortunately, the smallest and medium agribusiness holding companies just can’t do the same because of the inflated requirements made by banks and other intermediaries that organize the issuance of corporate securities.

A farming firm may have perfect growth potential, but the point system that is used by financial organizations isn’t well – adapted to the agriculture needs and realities, so agricultural enterprises just don’t gain the needed number of points.

In fact, KNL ICO introduces the same mechanics with the issue of “bonds”, but just in the easier form with an additional guarantee provided by of digitalization on the blockchain and with the function of investors’ investments insurance.


The KNL ICO ecosystem was created and developed as an environment that protects participants from contingent losses. With such purpose, we have distinguished payment instruments so that financial manipulations in the asset market couldn’t devalue the assets purchased by the platform participants. This means that farmers and investors will be able to obtain access to a secured environment for interaction, which will minimize the economic market factors influence on the terms of the transaction, including profitability.

With such purpose, at each stage of the project launch, the following instruments have already been implemented or are planned to be:

  • VEXEL internal token. It was implemented from 01.10.2018 with the purpose of attracting the first investors to the project. According to the terms of the program for the first investors, KNL expects the profitability of up to 36% per annum, based on the quantity to be purchased and the chosen investment package. This token could be purchased in the period up to 01.06.2019.
  • KNL Utility token. Token will be generally sold from 10.07.2019. This token is used in the KNL ecosystem during IEO performance. Its trade will be supported by the TOP exchanges. KNL token purchasing will allow using platform instruments with major discounts. It is also the investment fund.
  • The first transactional tokens symbolizing physical assets will be released on our platform in early 2020. A peculiarity of tokens will be the back up of all digital emission units with crops, which will be stored at the KNL partner elevators. The classic case of this instrument use in the KNL ecosystem is the consumption of the transactions between investors and partners, according to which loans can be issued. A farmer can leave crops at our partner’s elevators as collateral. The investor, when buying transactional tokens, is reliably assured in legal validation of a transaction on Blockchain.
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