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PRE ICO Dates : 05/05/19 – 24/07/19
Upcoming ICO : 01/08/19 – 30/10/19

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About FessChain ICO (token sale)

Fesschain ICO is a blockchain based platform that has been diligently designed by integrating the versatility of Artificial Intelligence into the current tech development space. The architecture of Fess’ ICO blockchain aims to power an array of services with its unique Neutrino Framework. However, the foundation of the objectives vouches for building an effective conjuncture between the blockchain technology and solutions to the real-world problems.

The advantages of blockchain technology are no more a secret, and at FESS we are not only seamlessly harnessing it but also putting our best foot forward to deliver an optimized solution that will be beneficial to everyone, be it an individual or a large business entity.

The primary parameter which differentiates Fesschain ICO from other blockchain based solutions is, its underlying framework and working mechanism, which is solely designed to optimize the existing blockchain functionality and enhance security, speed & scalability.

Transactions over the internet are one of the primary necessities of today’s fast-paced world, and through FESS Chain, we are determined to improve the quality of electronic settlement systems. Hence the name FESS: The Future of Electronic Settlement Systems completely justifies it.

Apart from numerous other advanced features at Fess with a real-world utility, an in-house ultra-secured cryptocurrency exchange is also on the cards. We will also launch a utility token named FESS, helping the whole-ecosystem to achieve its long-term vision that is: One Token powering every necessity. All this and more lots makes Fesschain ICO a robust and complete blockchain based platform. Moreover, a young and enthusiastic team with a multivariate background and relevant industry experiences serves as the backbone of this project.


Fess token is an ERC-20 based tokens which complete the whole Fesschain Skeleton. It’s not an ordinary token being traded on an exchange but way more than that. Apart from holding a monetary value, it retains intrinsic value as well, the point where a lot of digital currencies fail themselves. Fess tokens hold the potential to power the whole Fesschain ICO environment extending in different verticals.

The token holders will be able to unlock various services under the Fess Umbrella with the help of fess tokens. In the months to come, the people with fess tokens will not only able to make a transaction in a fast and secure environment of fesschain ICO but also liable to earn rewards for using it. The more it will be, the better the rewards will be.

The FESS ICO Token will be of practical utility, in more ways than one. The primary objective of the fesschain initiative is to deploy our solutions through the implementation of blockchain technology at the ground level. Fess Tokens will be the center of this vision, and it:

  • Can be used to pay to various vendors, who will potentially accept FESS in future.
  • Can be used to pay for various services or products of FESS and its decentralized applications.
  • Can be used to pay for the transaction fee and listing fee at the FESS Dynamic exchange.
  • Can be used for processing of cross border interproximal payments.
  • Can also be used as a processing and gas fee to create a smart

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