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plusline-ico is a one website that connected to our PlusCoin’s Staking Processor and also function as Web Based Wallet. PlusCoin ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 23/07/19 – 31/08/19

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About PlusCoin ICO (token sale)

PlusCoin ICO or thicker name PUC is originally fork from Blackcoin’s Github. Even though PlusCoin ICO (PUC token) forked from Blackcoin, but in PlusCoin ICO (PUC) some of the function and scrypt we already upgrade and give the new life.

PlusCoin (PUC) is an open source all in one decentralized, Peer To Peer Crypto Community Developed to provide several investment Opportunities where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire.

PlusCoin ICO (PUC) worked based on PROOF OF WORK (POW) and PROOF OF STAKE (POS). PlusCoin (PUC) was 100% mined. Total Supply of PUC is limited to 25,000,000 PUC only. To ensure green environment, we run our own calculation and processor to give rewards/profits to our holder that staking PUC with our main system.

PlusCoin ICO (PUC) will be use in Our PUC Payment Application (web/apps) to give chances and allow PlusCoin ICO (PUC) Hodler to make Private Payment or to pay Merchant. For all our Hodler we will make sure the safety and convenience with KYC (know your client/customer) for both sides (users and merchants).

As we all know, today when we do any transactions or purchasing in anywhere we will be charges with certain fees. Nearly 90% of today’s available financial system charges a major cost of 2% fees and appears very costly to consumers. To reverse this situation and to make sure users and merchant get “win win situation”, PlusCoin (PUC) ICO with our new payment technology will provide better and innovative platform that will make sure lower to zero fee.

PlusCoin ICO (PUC) Platform

The PlusCoin (PUC) ICO platform consists of components that provide the network and protocol for the use and construction of social security systems, including the Client, tools and frontend applications.
The purpose of the platform is to create an ecosystem in which social security systems can b e developed, tested, simulated, managed and productively used as quickly as possible.

PlusCoin (PUC) for All Users

Payment Protection for Customers – PlusCoin ICO (PUC) will extend consumer protection by covering both physical and virtual (if applicable) pu rchases. We will guarantee full coverage for all eligible payments made via PlusCoin (PUC) Platform.

No Hidden Chargebacks – When using PlusCoin ICO (PUC) Platform, Sellers will be fully protected from rampant credit card fraud and fake chargebacks.

Speed of Confirmation – Unlike traditional payment systems, which usually delay the approval of payments due to high risk of fraud and require submission of countless documents, PlusCoin(PUC) will approve payments immediately and make the process hassle-free for both parties (buyer & seller).

Lower The Purchase Risk – We cover all purchases (both goods and majority of the services).

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