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Brandprotect is a platform for protection of goods against a counterfeit on the basis of cryptography and blockchain technology. BrandProtect ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 29/07/19 – 23/02/20
Upcoming ICO : 27/04/20 – 25/05/20

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About BrandProtect ICO (token sale)

The Brandprotect ICO platform creates the ecosystem of blockchains, which is going to protect the property rights, transparency, replication and efficient use for sellers and buyers.

Labelling, creation of quality certificates and compliance with the brand, creation a mobile App for certificates transfer have never ever been so easy and cheap.

The usage of blockchain technology gives a way to create individual information markers for manufacture goods and foodstuffs. It helps to make it instantly, with a low price, what is very important nowadays. In addition, it provides the transactions through the individual means of communication.

The brand owner can choose the level of the Brandprotect ICO platform usage, from crypto markers to the replication with their trademark. It also gives an opportunity to create a corporate blockchain.

Brand’s protection

  • The platform user using the web App in the Brandprotect’s ICO website, registers the trademark – brand. This creates an account with private key protected by the cryptographic protocol KECCAK-256.
  • Under each brand, you can create a “blockchain certificates” the number of which corresponds to the number of units in the consignment, product information, release date and end date of use, as well as various additional information.
  • The seller of goods, at each transaction of purchase-sale, transfers to the buyer the corresponding quantity of blockchain of certificates, through the mobile application.
  • The buyer sees the received blockchain certificates and information encrypted in them through his mobile App.

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