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Kovrita – Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins. Kovrita ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 16/07/19 – 16/07/20

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web site Kovrita
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About Kovrita ICO (token sale)

The Kovrita ICO project exists to empower decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and to solve the most fundamental problems within the cryptographic currencies ecosystem. Project’s solutions are addressing high price volatility, market manipulations and are geared toward mollifying the lack of autonomy of diverse digital assets and technologies in their market valuation.

Under the auspices of vast Kovrita ICO project’s goals, we are inviting various professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts on a continuous basis. Join the Kovrita project team and community, as a volunteer or paid contributor. Let’s make every possible effort together, to make Kovrita ICO a community project. We are inviting:

  • Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Open Source software enthusiasts and supporters, interested in advancing the applications of these technologies and approaches, especially those who consider themselves intellectually more advanced than the concept of a “hodler”.
  • Mathematicians, statisticians, theorists, and practical philosophers to join the team and/or to participate in the project development, roadmap planning, and project economics. You are a person or an organization who/which may be interested in exploring the data and market trends for various analyses and mathematical modeling.
  • Ethereum smart contracts experts for the in-house contracts creation, modification, validation, and audit. Software engineers, developers, and coders of all levels, to contribute to further development of Open Source Decentralized Exchange platform.
  • Support personnel, writers, editors, publicists, and translators, for (1) general project support and (2) to create and continuously update project documentation and to share and promote its functionalities, advances and case studies.
  • Certified and/or proficient in their local jurisdiction attorneys and other legal affairs oriented professionals, to assist in the formation of new, local, third-party crypto space businesses and/or to take on the more involved role in everyday operations of such businesses.
  • Recent law graduates are encouraged to apply. Kovrita ICO project may help you start your own law firm in this new and exciting field of practice – cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
  • Independent, local in your country Kovrita ICO company representatives to establish its distributed legal and global presence as licensed and registered software development company and/or as a third-party custodian of project’s digital, financial and other types of assets, in order to fulfill its decentralization model.
  • Current business owners who feel that tokenization, stablecoins backing, or blockchain technology in general, can improve their business operations. Contact us for consultation if in doubt or to submit your proposal for a new startup business, for the prompt review.
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