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A complete game-changer for both traditional and corporate clients. SRX Token ICO rating – not rated.

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Upcoming ICO : 26/08/19 – 24/11/19

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About SRX Token ICO (token sale)

Soraix ICO mission is to radically transform traditional stock exchanges by tokenizing the exchange of as- sets via blockchain technology. In doing so, we are determined to shift public perception of digital assets in a positive direction, resulting in wider adaptation and stability in the industry.

Soraix ICO Tokens will provide their holders with a first in the digital asset scene: an avenue to share in the revenue of a growing exchange platform, by virtue of being granted the ability acquire digital​ assets with higher valuations, via SRX Tokens, on a 1:1 peg, irrespective of the value of the SRX Token at that given moment.

Soraix ICO, a Swiss-based exchange, intends to shift public perception of crypto currencies and digital asset trading in a demonstrably positive direction. In addition to offering our users a second generation digital asset trade platform, we will also offer companies the ability to raise capital by issuing Equity Tokens on our platform. Equity Token Offerings, are the next massive shake-up of the age-old financial industry, enabling companies with limited access to capital, to offer retail investors the opportunity to participate in a market previously reserved for a fraction of investors and businesses alike.

SRX token (Soraix ICO Token)

While the intentions and concept behind crypto currencies are most noble, their ubiquitous handicap remains: a particular trait shared with at currencies.

True, crypto currencies are issued with limited supply, providing one essential component missing from traditional at currencies: scarcity. Anything that can be printed or replicated infinitely, will one day flirt with becoming essentially worthless (such has been the trajectory of many at currencies for centuries).

However, for any currency to retain (and possibly increase) it’s value, it must possess two essential characteristics:
-It must be limited in supply
– It must be pegged to something else of value (for example, the Gold Standard that once applied to the USD).

Presently, crypto and at currencies collectively fail to attribute both characteristics. And thus, de- spite the best intentions of crypto currency enthusiasts, crypto currencies remain volatile.

The Soraix Token is designed to solve this problem, by becoming the first digital token offering a level of stability unheard of since the Gold Standard.

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