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Ezysatyz is a rental platform where you can book accommodation, rent out properties and experience travel on the blockchain. EzyStayz ICO rating – not rated.

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Upcoming ICO : 01/12/19 – 29/03/20

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web site EzyStayz
web site EzyStayz
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About EzyStayz ICO (token sale)

We created EzyStayz ICO as the first Australian-owned global platform to open the holiday rental market to individuals across the globe. Our vision was for an interesting place that let people explore, meet, connect and travel without limitations. Now, we’re taking the next step in EzyStayz’ ICO journey of tapping into the vast potential of blockchain technology. The result is a global ecosystem of travelers, hotels and property owners that can come together faster, safer and easier than ever before.

Our blockchain-based platform will speed up the process of matching home owners with suitable short-term tenants. We are creating a new a new stream of income with minimal transaction fees for property owners and a channel for vacation rentals for travelers that is cheaper than leading competitors such as Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb. By removing the barriers of currency, tax, and financial regulations anywhere in the world, EzyStayz ICO is remaking the way you travel, host and explore.

The EzyStayz ICO website is the first building block of a larger exchange that will eventually target businesses and consumers with more strategic B2B tools to tap into the potential of the hospitality

Our business model is already functional with a website listing over 44,000 properties worldwide, and we will develop a platform that will integrate and complement other existing features. Thus, our
focus is now on popularizing the idea behind EzyStayz and fund the next stage of our company journey through a Token Crowdsale.

Usage of the EzyStayz ICO Token

To create a strong economy that ensures the value of EZT, we will rely on three elements: high demand, low velocity and value-added features.

1) Generation of constant demand
Our existing website is surely one of the most important elements of EzyStayz ICO and is the fundamental driver of the EZT economy. Any booking on the website automatically generates demand for EzyStayz ICO tokens, regardless of whether it is paid for with EZT, fixed-value cryptocurrencies or at currencies. Since travel related bookings are generally high volume transactions, this can quickly create a solid base of utility demand.

2) Reduction of EZT velocity
The key element of the EZT economy is the lockup period of EzyStayz tokens. Whenever a booking is made, the payment currency is automatically converted into EZT and stored in the booking smart contract. The EZT remains there, in escrow, until the customer completes the booking (e.g. checks out from a hotel).
This lockup function reduces the circulating supply of EZT for the period between booking and check- out. The higher the booking rate, the more EZT are escrowed in the smart contract at a given me, and the higher the demand on EZT will become.

3) Value-added features
All value-added features on the website will be paid for in EZT. While users will generate constant demand on EZT through bookings, hotels and property owners will also likely keep EZT reserves in order to pay for accessing premium features such as increased visibility or volatility protection.
More information on EzyStayz’ ICO premium features will be updated on our site as they get released.

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