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FunnyToken is a cryptocurrency designed for game and digital services trades. FunnyToken ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 26/08/19 – 17/11/19

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About FunnyToken ICO (token sale)

FunnyToken ICO is a blockchain and platform which is optimized in order to transfer cryptocurrencies from one holder to another. At the same time, it’s a transferable digital asset withheld in Ethereum smart contract. It aims to be used in the game and digital service trades. While providing simple additional features according to users’ needs, it’s also open to being used and developed in any country.

FunnyToken ICO aims at servicing in two platforms such as Internal Productions and External Productions. External Productions are the games and services which are already in the market. On the other hand, Internal Productions are the games and services which are in FunnyToken’s own structure. Our first game GoldRush is a system based on the platform in which the characters makes users win tokens by being improved. FunnyTokens ICO can be spent in order to improve in-app characters and to win points as well. It’s also a cryptocurrency which will be available for digital product and service purchases.

To sum up our objectives basically:
-To create an economy with our player and game oriented technology which is not centralized
-To create a game platform which brings the massive game industry users and cryptocurrency community together
-Widening the field of use of the cryptocurrencies in developing games and digital services
-Making FunnyToken ICO be a popular medium of exchange

FunnyToken distribution:
• The total amount of FunnyTokens is 246.000.000.
• 15% of this will be presented to investors directly via our website during the ICO process. (In each purchase, a bonus up to 50% of the purchase will be given.)
• 5.5% of this is spared to be distributed as bonus and Airdrop during ICO process.
• 5% of this is spared for applications’ and linked websites’ developers.
• 4.5% of this is spared for the founder team.
• 20% of this is spared for our applications’ marketing and advertising expenses.
• The remaining 50% of this will totally provide in-site earnings considering the number of active users and gradually increasing application platforms.

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