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First & Only Quantum Resistant Ecosystem for the Crypto World. Quube.exchange ICO rating – not rated.

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Upcoming ICO : 24/10/19 – 31/12/19

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web site Quube.exchange
web site Quube.exchange
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About Quube.exchange ICO (token sale)

QUUBE.EXCHANGE ICO — the first quantum safe ecosystem and security token Launchpad with the professional exchange platform allowing STO/ICO projects to fundraise rapidly amongst accredited and non-accredited investors. Operations based on the dedicated STO blockchain designed for investment and custodian institutions. The chain is a safeguard for any other crypto market ecosystems from quantum terminal attacks; all exchange operations and user balances to be recorded onchain. The day when the first quantum computer will connect a cryptocurrency’s blockchain is coming therefore the cryptocurrency market need a respective protection.

The objective of QUUBE ICO project is creating a new quantum resistant ecosystem focused on the security token market, high speed, super protected trading space and communication channels.

The first testing version of quantum blockchain was launched by our team in 2018.

Quantum blockchain is kept on quantum computers therefore risk of 51% attack is almost impossible like for traditional blockchain in traditional computer networks. This is our response for the first threat.

Quantum blockchain use methods, that are stable to quantum computing and even post-quantum encryption methods and this is our response to the second threat.

Moreover our team worked out software for cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets operating with the blockchain recording trading logs and balances.

QUUBE ICO exchange is ready to accelerate assets trading processes by creating Security Token Market and Launchpad dedicated to the different types of securities. This technology instantly may be applied for the Global Notes creation and tokenization preferably for the REG S type of corporate stocks and bonds.

ICO providing objections

ICO is provided for funds collection needed for quube ICO blockchain and quantum protected exchange development and support. The standard QRP utility-tokens are offered by 0,5 dollars per one token. QRP is a fuel for STO/IEO services.

QRP token overview

A QRP token is selected for initial offering. The token is planned to be launched on ERC-20 standard using Ethereum blockchain.
The QRP token has the function of a utility token being used for stake lottery to be reserved for the STO/IEO services. There will be no other ways but QRP tokens using.

ICO Tokenomics

The ICO is expected to attract investors’ funds in order to launch STO/IEO campaigns. Staked tokens are locked during scorings and promotion period before the date of the distribution. Staked is required for all tokenization, including asset backed or non-asset backed. A minimum stake is 1500 USD which is 0.3% from the lowest capital of 500 000 USD equivalent allowed to offer.

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