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Yachting Marketplace and Charter Ecosystem. Yachtco ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 04/08/19 – 04/02/20

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About Yachtco ICO (token sale)

Yachtco ICO – Yachting Marketplace and Charter Ecosystem directly connecting all leisure yachting participants: Guest, Fleet operators, Charter Agencies, Skippers and Hostesses, Website portals (OTAs), Boat owners, Marinas and mooring providers, Booking systems, Yacht builders and Boat investors.

Yachtco ICO is going to change this just like Uber changed taxis and Airbnb changed room renting.

We are utilising a hybrid of three business models. One is a platform for all parties involved in the charter business, allowing them to connect, add trust with smart contracts and ease payments with cryptocurrency. The second one is a platform for tokenising yacht assets that will enable users to benefit from profit-sharing from boat bookings. Moreover, the third one is a yacht charter management programme.

Yachtco ICO platform

Yachtco ICO is a platform that joins the entire yacht charter industry under one roof. Our end game is to disrupt the yacht charter industry as we know it – by becoming the most prominent global yacht marketplace.

The Yachtco ICO Platform is designed as the ultimate solution to the issues plaguing both guests and yacht charter service providers: It is an ecosystem and a marketplace that allows all users to connect, plan sailing holidays efficiently and quickly, save money and participate in a dynamic community.

The Yachtco ICO Platform will not only provide an extensive range of services – from boat rentals to skippers and hostesses hire – but will also act as an actual knowledge base. It is a brand new model of yacht charter – minimising time spent on research and maximising the authenticity of the experience.

Transparency, secure transactions and smart contracts play a huge and vital role in this system.

Cryptocurrencies, decentralised structures and smart contracts will soon define the new face of the yacht charter industry.

The Yachtco platform is created as a revolutionary charter ecosystem that will bring together travellers and charter service providers from all across the globe. It is both an ultimate resource for organising sailing trips – from building an itinerary to renting a boat, from hiring a skipper to booking a marina and a dynamic self-organising community, where guests and yacht charter specialists can do much more than selling or purchase services.

Yachtco ICO Tokenomics

Each time a yacht is being tokenised, we issue a specific amount of new tokens (not Yachtco ICO tokens, but different tokens!):

● Each time we issue a number of tokens that will represent the purchase price of a yacht
● The yacht will be put to charter
● We will run charter management (Croatia, Caribbean, Greece,….)
● Token holders will be entitled to yacht profits
● Token represents the underlying company share and a share of boat ownership (separate company, not Yachtco)
● Each boat can have its own company (boat ownership as a legal entity is recommended for tax benefits)

1) 15-20% commission (before discounts) from booked boats on our existing websites; like SkipperCity.com; from fleet operators
2) 15-20% commission (before discounts) from booked boats on new websites; like yachtcoboats.com and yacht-rental.com; from fleet operators
3) 10% commission from booked skippers and hostesses: from skippers and hostesses
4) 1%bookingfeefrombookedboatsthroughpartnerssitesthatuseour platform to manage bookings and our technology on their sites
5) 1% transaction fee from payments with Yachtco tokens; for all payments
6) Advertising on our platform and sites
7) Income from charter management

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