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A truly fair online betting/gaming platform with no house advantage. YOUnited (UNTD) ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 24/09/19 – 24/02/19

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About YOUnited (UNTD) ICO (token sale)

YOUnited ICO is the first truly fair, social and decentralised online player vs. player betting and gaming platform with no house interactions. It is targeting to disrupt the fast-growing market of online gambling with an unprecedented business model and own blockchain technology covering all end-to-end operations of a casino under a fully distributed autonomous company.

The primary objective is to eliminate the “house” (i.e. casino) involvement in the games and introduce real ‘player against players’ solutions with all winnings distributed among participants. YOUnited ICO is breaking the golden rule “house always wins” and brings an innovative platform driven by the community. It is the first house-less blockchain casino where players always win, all winnings are automatically distributed in a transparent and auditable way, and players remain in an instant and easy-to-use environment.

The YOUnited ICO native UNTD blockchain has the highest performance with the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) protocol, the first built-in on-chain unique random number generator algorithm, on-chain affiliate program to share revenue with the community and democratic governance structure involving all stakeholders of the platform to form a next-generation casino together.
The portfolio of YOUnited ICO games comprises of lotteries, quick & skill games, sports betting, casino games and many more experiences, which are developed in an agile way together with YOUnited community. While winning traditional lotteries is rare, YOUnited ICO Lotto and other games have winners in each draw driving retention of players.

This combination of technology, social and product innovations create the perfect ecosystem for a platform where players like to return, feel the trust and enjoy games with their friends.


YOUnited ICO Go-To-Market

The launch strategy of YOUnited ICO platform and all products will be focused on data- driven decision making for every part of the consumer journey. This applies from a clear definition of the target audience all the way to conversion of the community into loyal ambassadors of YOUnited for further organic growth of the platform. Quantitative analysis of geographical opportunities is followed by multiple-stage product refinements to fit particularities of the selected market. This is followed by tailored outbound marketing for the acquisition of new users in order to reach the critical player masses for each game. Finally, there is a wide variety of incentive programs for deeper engagement of the existing user base.

YOUnited ICO

YOUnited ICO is a capped sale with the aim of raising a maximum of $9.7 million. 1.47 billion UNTD coins (70% of total supply) are issued for the sale. The sale consists of a presale for whitelisted private investors, followed by a public presale, and public sale. UNTD coins will be available for sale only during ICO stages and any unsold coins after completion of ICO will be burned. Coins distribution will start during Q4 2019, with exchange listing in Q1 2020. After ICO, the result of crowdfunding will be communicated to the public, whereby the team will provide periodical status updates of the project with news and completions of roadmap milestones via the YOUnited channels.

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