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Hyperion Protocol will act as a decentralized, autonomous free market ecosystem. HyperionX ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 20/02/19 – 31/12/19

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About HyperionX ICO (token sale)

Hyperion ICO is focused on advancing people into modern technology through gamified interactive experiences. Developing automated tools on a distributed network to provide efficiency and scalability, from an individual to enterprise level. By leveraging blockchain technology, Hyperion enables a decentralized, autonomous, trust-less ecosystem or ‘smart market’ to occur, giving new meaning to free market.

Based on the idea of a self-sufficient community, HyperionX ICO will implement a consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Passion, or POP, onto the blockchain. This rewards users of the network based on their support and reputation. A user’s passion level is scored with a simple formula, which is highlighted in the Algorithm section. This POP algorithm will be the basis on which Peerion is developed.


What is our Vision?

“This project starts a long journey of helping to connect people on a global scale. Hyperion ICO is contributing to the growth of a network of direct peer-to-peer trading, sharing and support. It is our mission to open people up to the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology. Showing them a safer, more secure world that is incorruptible and is not dictated by the few, but is instead operated by the true consensus of the people. Guiding individuals to become self-sufficient and flourish, while helping to support a network of growth.”

Dedicated Core Team

“We are dedicated to this project, fully endorse blockchain, and want to prove its potential. All of us on the team support freedom of choice and want to connect like minded individuals around the world. The human race is always searching for a better way, looking for life’s answers and trying to find connection with others. This is why we started this project and why we are supporting blockchain technology. We will stop at nothing until our mission is complete.”

Where do we see ourselves in 5 years?

“Pushing boundaries and disrupting broken systems. Bringing people closer together and offering a new experience and perspective on life through technology. Automating menial tasks to make life easier. Forming transparent nonprofit funds to provide renewable resources, jobs, health care, education, and an overall better living environment.”

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