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KABN Your Digital Banking Alternative. KABN STO ICO rating – not rated.


Upcoming ICO : 30/11/19 – 28/02/20

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About KABN STO ICO (token sale)

KABN STO is a neo financial service platform servicing Millennial and Gen-X retail investors. The Company offers cost-effective compliance services in exchange for acquiring leads to issue Visa card accounts and access to the corresponding KABN banking wallet. KABN monetizes card holders through card transaction fees as well as through loyalty and affiliate commissions.

KABN STO launched its flagship product in December 2018, a bank-grade, Always On, identity verification and validation compliance solution with international support. KABN STO has created a “B2B2C” infrastructure and patent-pending technology allowing clients and consumers to take actions, in management’s opinion that formerly required complex and time-consuming attestation, and instead leverage turn-key Smart Contract registries.

Company management believes that KABN fulfills the growing need for compliance solutions for next generation financial technology startups, exchanges, security token issuers and other financial service providers. KABN STO leverages this network of pre-approved members to provide financial services to digital currency enthusiasts and others that are looking for more intuitive ways to manage online and conventional fiat transactions.

Built on this compliance layer, KABN STO offers a suite of financial services, including relationships with banking partners, to issue a KABN-branded prepaid Visa card linked to a multi-currency banking wallet for day-to-day use and a KABN loyalty platform which allows KABN members to benefit from purchases made at e-commerce websites and brick and mortar stores affiliated with the program.

KABN’s STO neo financial service platform not only allows for more seamless compliance and participation in investment opportunities but KABN management contends that the suite of financial services breaks down walls between the digital economy and main street payments.

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