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The token which acts as an investment vehicle for all our users. Reposco ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 01/11/19 – 31/12/19

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About Reposco ICO (token sale)

Reposco ICO is a blockchain-based ecosystem that combinesfinancial expertise with emerging technologies to offer a decentralized and democratized investment fund. The Reposco ICO platform is built with security, simplicity, and accessibility in mind. Our platform will act as a bridge that connects investors with a lucrative investment market while at the same time reducing the element of risk.

Through Reposco’s ICO blockchain solution, users will be able to:

  • Access better investment plans in the market than their traditionally more conservative banking and non-banking investment products
  • Invest in a crowdsourced fund
  • Experience faster price-appreciation on their held tokens via the buyback program

As an inclusive platform, Reposco ICO will serve all types of investors and does not have any restrictions in terms of geography or investment floor.

All of the funds raised through the Reposco ICO will be utilized as the trading capital that will be used for investment purposes. This is a token that plays multiple roles. Primarily, it serves as a record of investment, store of value, and unit of account. Later, when the token is listed on exchanges, it will allow the token holders to trade their holdings. The backbone of the Reposco network is the Reposco Coin (RPSC), which is powered by Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol.

At the heart of our operations is the Reposco Coin. This is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that symbolizes a stake in the Reposco ICO project. It is denoted by the ticker symbol, RPSC. The token will grow in value based on the profits earned through the company’s strategic investment activities and further interest from the crypto-investment community.

Primarily, the Reposco Coin will serve the following purposes:

  • A record of investment
  • A store of value
  • A unit of account
  • Also, allows trading on exchanges
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