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Worlds First Ecosystem and Decentralized Platform for Spectrometry Applications. Nanospectral ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 29/10/19 – 15/01/20

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About Nanospectral ICO (token sale)

NanoSpectral ICO is targeting a breakthrough by developing a radically new scientific and commercial platform for fast measurements and functionality understanding in biotechnology and food science and technology.

NanoSpectral ICO will open a new area in biological sciences and engineering by exploring and describing biological systems through a nondestructive monitoring of their interaction with nearinfrared light (NIR), considering not only direct light interactions with specific compounds (current state-of-the-art methods), but also with their surrounding water, which is present in each biological system (unique for this approach).

Next to the platform applying next generation nanotechnologies we are developing a unique handheld photonic integrated Spectrometer that will be with the targeted resolution and precision the first of its kind and provide the necessary tool for qualitative and quantitative advanced characterisation of wide range of biological systems.

Key Features of NanoSpectral Platform

Worldwide Decentralised Platform for Characterisation of Biological Systems

NanoSpectral ICO strategy represents a unique opportunity to combine NIR spectroscopy for fast, inexpensive, non-invasive and holistic characterisation of biological systems with decentralised block chain technology offering for the first time an implementation of databases, measurement analysis and visualisation into decentralised technology while providing the necessary security and scalability. With our radically new emerging technology that is highly interdisciplinary we will realize a completely new approach for qualitative and quantitative analysis to meet major objectives in bio- and food science and technology.

Global and Custom-tailored Solutions with Insulated Personal Data

With NanoSpectral ICO platform we will provide to customers not only the base for extensive analysis of biological systems, but also elaborate custom specific solutions serving niched demands. In addition, we will explore various applications at different levels as well as develop new characterisation methods that in combination with the UH-FTC will pave the road for a new technology for quality and functionality assessment that will also bring a new understanding of biological world. Applying the security of the blockchain technology we will ensure the necessary privacy of personal data.

Ultra-high Resolution Portable Fourier Transform Spectrometer Devices

For the precise characterisation of absorbance patterns (APs) in wide range of applications we will develop a novel handheld photonic integrated Fourier Transform Spectrometer with ultra-high resolution (UH-FTS), a first device of its kind involving advanced next generation nanotechnology and microelectronic engineering for its fabrication. As part of the UH-FTS there will be a unique integrated optical chip without any moving parts carrying out scanning, specifically photonic integrated optical components for very fast (10-20ms) measurements with ultra-high resolution of <1nm, beating by more than one order of magnitude all current state-the-art devices.

NanoSpectral ICO coin – NASP coin

Coin Name: NASP
Algorithm: Quark
Coin Type: POS & MN
MN Collateral: 5,000 NASP
Block Time: 1 Minute
Maturity: 101 Blocks
Min stake age: 1 hour
Premine: 10M NASP
Max Coin Supply: 40,000,000 NASP
Encrypted transactions: YES

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