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We use token investments to develop real estate residential projects in mid Europe and invest into portfolio of biggest US companies . Vernon Token ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 09/11/19 – 24/11/19
Upcoming ICO : 24/11/19 – 01/03/20

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About Vernon Token ICO (token sale)

VRT ICO – Real Estate & Shares Trading Token Sale and ICO Solution. Solid real estate development combined with high liquidity trading delivers excellent profitability you can be part of

Real Estate Development
Mid Europe countries are in need for houses and flats around big cities

US Shares Trading
Portfolio choose from US top 30 stocks brings 15 % annually

Combination of both
Brings potential to shift cash flow between them as current situation needs

Our Token Profit
Token holders receive profits on quarterly basis


The aim is to develop the VRT ICO platform to a beta stage with basic functionalities. Timeframe is presented in Roadmap below.

The platform will also display listed reports for projects. These reports will be based on all standard analyses (quantitative/static, and qualitative/dynamic with cash-flow projections) developed in partnerships with our real estate advisors and administrators.


Each contribution is used for new real estate acquisition or flows into DJIA.


As described on the chart above, through the strategic use of VRT tokens we will create its own ecosystem driven by the platform. The aim is to maximize the growth possibility of the VRT token value through utilization of tokens in real life and to ensure that, the users of VRT tokens, the fund, the parties that we partnership with and in general also wider community, all benefit.
Through the consultative management of the fund, up to 35 percent of issued VRT tokens will be kept as a liquidity pool in DJIA investment. This means that because of large amount of traffic is expected in certain periods by token use, we can ensure that in these peaks of token demands, they will be able to partially assist with supply of tokens on a market.

Acquiring VRT
Users can first acquire VRT ICO tokens during the Initial Coin Offering period. The company will also be offering a Private Participation Period for users before the Pre-ICO period is launched. VRT tokens are then used as payment means for all services and properties over the platform.

Supply and phases
Total supply: 250.000.000
Token symbol: VRT
During the ICO there are two main goals, the soft cap and the hard cap:
• Hard cap (max) = 50 million USD
• Soft cap (min) = 2,5 million USD

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