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healthcare platform in smart mobile networks for everyone in the world. GENFORYOU ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 09/11/19 – 08/01/20
Upcoming ICO : 09/01/20 – 08/03/20

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web site GENFORYOU
web site GENFORYOU
web site GENFORYOU

About GENFORYOU ICO (token sale)

The GenForYou THE ICO Token team is committed to developing and deploying a revolutionary total healthcare platform delivering a global, positive impact. Our mission is: To provide a total healthcare platform in smart mobile networks for everyone in the world, thereby offering convenient services, leading-edge solutions and profitable value to all stakeholders in an integrated healthcare eco-system.

Through our apps, you will be empowered to engage in a more comprehensive total healthcare experience, such as accessing your own health records on your mobile device, or conducting a consultation via webcam with a doctor anywhere in the world and improving the quality of your life. We invite you to participate in this amazing and enriching journey to develop, to use, to cooperate with and to realize our total healthcare business platform. Please continue to follow and support us here at GenForYou THE ICO Token, so that we can truly make a significant difference in the global healthcare industry.


Built on permission-based Hyperledger Fabric, the GenForYou ICO platform (Health Chain) gives users control over which data they share with others. For each item of medical data that is recorded on GenForYou’s (GFY’s) distributed ledger, users can authorize varying access levels to different entities, at their discretion. The data they share is also secured by the underlying blockchain technology. Users may give conditional access to healthcare agents such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists, and insurers, and can be sure that their data won’t fall into the wrong hands. The GenForYou Health Chain ensures secure, fast, and transparent exchange and usage of DNA and medical data with all cooperating hospitals and companies. Players in the healthcare industry can develop applications using data purchased from the GFY data marketplace, where users can buy and sell health data stored on the GenForYou Health Chain. They can also receive assistance from the GFY team to synchronize the data on their application with the GFY Application, built by the GFY team to provide a complete healthcare solution to users. The GFY App will enable users to control all their health information in a single application, readily access healthcare services, and freely share or even sell their information to cooperating medical institutions and laboratories. GenForYou THE ICO Token, that powers the entire GenForYou ICO Ecosystem, will incentivize users’ participation, and their accumulated health data on the GenForYou Health Chain will encourage various players in the healthcare industries to join the GenForYou Ecosystem.

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