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loyalty platform powered by an own ultra-fast blockchain fully erc-721 compatible, supporting local-2-local. 2local ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 11/02/20 – 11/03/20

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About 2local ICO (token sale)

Supporting sustainability and bringing prosperity with the 2local ICO platform, by rewarding local-2-local and sustainable purchases. The 2local® platform is equipped with a payment app including a marketplace with local and sustainable companies, with a monthly cashback for payments with L2L-coins which are designed to rise in value.

2local IEO is an innovative blockchain-2.0 powered loyalty platform that is tapping into banking with L2L-coins which are designed to rise in value. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

The 2local IEO platform has a payment app with a decentralized L2L-wallet that is a marketplace for consumers to connect with local-2-local and sustainable

Using the L2L coins at these connected companies will result in a monthly cashback and a rise in the value of the L2L coins that will cut out high transfer costs and provide a free loyalty program.

A 1% fee is charged from every transaction and this is used in the cashback system. Monthly purchases of a small amount will result in a proportionally higher cashback. This cashback is bound to a maximum so that the neediest will profit the most.

2local IEO uses its L2L-coins for payments in order to create liquidity on a large scale. Every new user of the L2L-coins will increase demand. This combined with the high liquidity will result in a rise in the value of the L2L-coins. 2local IEO buys the L2Lcoin from the exchange with a smart algorithm that is designed to keep the course rate climbing steadily. The course rate for members will always be 1% below the external exchange rate. 2local ICO keeps the coins in storage for a month in order to profit from the interest, and this will be added to the cashback system.

All connected companies, even the small ones, will benefit from a free loyalty program for their customers that has the unique possibility of converting the cashback into fiat money. The current extremely high transaction costs drop to only 1%, which is easily regained by the rising value of the coin.

2local IEO rewards people who buy local-2-local and sustainably in two ways; first by offering a monthly cashback for buying at the connected companies and secondly, through an L2L-coin that is designed to rise in value. Using the L2L-coin results in a coin with a climbing rate that is beneficial for everyone who uses the L2L-coin, especially small spenders because they proportionately receive the most cashback.

2local IEO rewards connected companies twice by turning transfer costs into a beneficial value rise and by creating more loyal customers with the loyalty program. Buying local-2-local strengthens your own community, which is beneficial for both the people and companies in a community, and it also supports the neediest all over the world.

With this unique innovative banking system, we are able to create equity and equality amongst people, closing the gap between population groups and creating a sustainable world.


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