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Sheng World is a Business-to-Business for Consumers (B2B4C) platform for the Lifestyle, Wellness, and Healthcare industry. Sheng World ICO rating – not rated.

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Upcoming ICO : 26/02/20 – 01/03/20

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About Sheng World ICO (token sale)

SHENGWorld IEO was created after years of working with quality healthcare and leisure lifestyle providers such as the Bangkok Anti-Aging Center and Interval International. Working with thousands of affluent customers, Adrian and Raymond understood how they can be better served with a one-stop solution to their lifestyle, wellness and healthcare needs.

SHENGWorld Is a Business-to-Business for Consumer (B2B4C) platform for the lifestyle, wellness and healthcare industry. It consists of two main elements: For Consumer (4C), SHENG Marketplace, and the Business-to-Business (B2B), SHENG Eco-system.

SHENGWorld ICO brings together services and products that enriches the mind, body and soul, allowing users to celebrate life and rejuvenate from the grind of daily life. SHENGWorld brings together world-class vendors and merchants that cater to that vision in the SHENG Marketplace, giving users the convenience and total wellness benefits of having a one-stop solution that reinforces and provides support to one another through a community-based approach to commerce.

For merchants, SHENGWorld IEO brings together thousands of potential clients and the business-to-business marketplace allows vendors to sell excess inventory, products and services to each other. Merchants can create unique packages, upsell, and cross-sell services and products, greatly increasing revenue opportunities. For merchants with international ambitions, SHENGWorld also has a proprietary Crypto-Franchising System that leverages the power of the blockchain to provide merchants with all the necessary framework to build a successful franchising business, including a payment gateway, a large community of localized consumers, smart contract driven legal and advisory services, as well as a customizable CRM system.

SHENG Tokens are bought by merchants and vendors in order to stake their business on to the blockchain. Staking tokens confer onto the owner a SHENG “membership” status which allows the merchant to access the SHENG Eco-system for the purpose of putting up services and products they want to promote on to the platform for users to see. It is also used for advertising to gain more prominence and visibility on the platform. SHENG Tokens are also given as rewards to users for signing up, the purchasing of LIFE Tokens, and for increased interaction and promotion of the eco-system.

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