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DeFi with smart savings and growth. Zin Finance ICO rating – not rated.

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Active ICO : 01/09/20 – 15/10/20

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About Zin Finance ICO (token sale)

The legacy banking industry does not cater to the needs of ever does not offer growth or investment opportunities to has to open up a separate brokerage account or go through a hassle of enormous paperwork in many countries to be able to invest in traditional instruments like stocks.

On the other hand, these services remain open to elit person misses out on growing his/her wealth at the same rate.

The crypto industry offers ease of onboarding but does not offer access to traditional such as FAANGs, S&P500, Bonds or Commodities scams.

This results in an average person staying away from any investments, depleting without realizing it. See below chart, G any other currency (e.g. from the developing world) then the depletion is even faster.

Zin Finance  ICO platform is designed to solve this complex friendly, AI based DeFi platform (also an app) which will cover your needs of a investment tool, a portfolio diversifier and an automated income generator key parameters entered by you. Our Swarm Intelligence algorithm income vs. Risk profile without the worry of complex paperwork, need of expert financial analytics or compromised security.

The main features of Zin will include the following:

1. A decentralised finance (defi) staking platform with Zin tokens as collateral. Zin will be a 100% deflationary cryptocurrency with a burn mechanism.

2. Zin is a simple utility token whose consumption and use is within the Zin platform ecosystem.

3. A savings account with an option to keep your money in Cash or Zin (with staking on).

4. An investment tool giving you the options to invest in your desired portfolio, a range of stable blue-chip stocks, crypto, commodities or a combinations of various assets .

5. Access to Financial analytics expertise – Zin will also include selected portfolio funds from experts in the investment field so you don’t have to do that work and you can rely on these expert financial analysts.

6. Zin will have a “recurring transaction” option giving the users complete peace of mind in setting up their regular savings and investment nest.

7. Zin will be safe. We will achieve regulatory approval from the relevant countries’ financial authorities (such as the FCA etc.) before launching the investment features.

8. Fee will be discounted or waived for the Zin token holders depending on their holdings (See details in the section: Platform Fee)

9. Zin will be a payment app. Users will have the option to use their Cash in the account for regular payments. Zin Cash will be linked to a debit card or a service (such as Apple Pay). The app can be used as a contactless payment method.


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