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The Digital Currency Index (DCI) was designed as an index of the top market cap cryptocurrencies that show long term sustainability.. Index Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 02/10/17 – 31/12/17

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web site Index Coin
web site Index Coin

About Index Coin ICO (token sale)

What we are

A key purpose of the DCI is the diversification of a very volatile cryptocurrency market.  This allows for an investment in the entire cryptocurrency space without the risk of betting on a single coin and the hassle of holding coins from different exchanges or in different wallets.  There are many coins available and some are very valuable investment vehicles.  However, others are highly volatile and, frankly, others are worthless.  The goal of DCI is to manage an index fund of coins that is the weighted average of the top 30 coins.

Benefits & What Makes Us Different

  • Value based on underlying assets
  • Rebalance portfolio to make up for under performing or failing coins
  • Index portfolio is constructed – not looking for investment to start a project, the project is already completed
  • Easy way to diversify, lower degree of volatility makes investing in the cryptocurrency space much less intimidating for newcomers
  • The coin is meant to be held rather than used for short term investment strategy

Crowdsale Security

We’re using a secure registration system to puts people into a closed group which will be the only place the token ID is issued.  This allows for the identification of potential attackers.  Ether sent to the ICO smart contract is transferred from the contract address to a wallet (that is not Parity wallet) to prevent possible loss of funds.  The DCI team has to ability to shut down the contract at any time if a breach of security is detected.

Index Coin ICO Roger Bryan

CEO at Index Coin
Roger Bryan was a Pre-IPO investor in Hubspot and GoDaddy. He’s started and sold two digital commerce businesses. He is also the best selling author of The Data Driven Marketing Agency. He brings his 20 years of experience in managing and directing digital companies to the team. He’s been an investor in digital currencies since 2013.
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Index Coin ICO Ariella Yager

COO at Index Coin
Ariella is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in bringing new ventures to market. Her expertise include business operations, launch strategy, and team management. Ariella has her Bachelors in entrepreneurship and has been working in the tech space for over three years.
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Index Coin ICO Michael Stansky

CDO: at Index Coin
Michael Stansky is statistician with extensive experience across many different industries. In addition to his work here, he is a Manager of Market Analysis and Price Forecasting at a Fortune 500 utility company where he develops fundamental models used in commodity price and volatility forecasting. He holds a bachelor?s degree in Theoretical Mathematics from Kent State University
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Index Coin ICO Brian Andrews

CTO at Index Coin
Brian obtained his BA in Physics from Kenyon College and is currently pursuing his MS in Physics and Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University. His expertise lies in numerical analysis, programming, data structures, and big data both within the scientific community and the startup space.
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