ICO Snovio


Ended ICO : 31/10/17 – 30/11/17

Snovio The Worlds First Decentralized Lead Generation Service

Snovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service, providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods.

The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves problems faced by traditional lead generation methods by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the system’s data.

These technologies and methods make Snovio an irreplaceable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business. Data contributors are provided with a unique model for fair revenue distribution from selling data with a transparent and audited economy.


Snovio is transforming into a unique decentralized lead sourcing platform, combining SaaS and marketplace models fueled with SNOV tokens, which is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead generation and sourcing.

All transactions on the platform will be conducted via the smart contract, and stored on the blockchain. The smart contract ensures equitable reward distribution and execution of a transaction, especially when it comes to the marketplace.

We will become the first and only place that regulates a price for a lead in a decentralized manner and rewards data suppliers proportionally for their contribution.

Snovio currently have a plugin that automatically collects data (Chrome Extension). At the time of publication, it has already been installed more than 9,500 times, and that number continues to grow by nearly 200 times every day (note its reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with a rating averaging 4.85 stars). It’s important to note that those installs happened without a model to motivate users to collect data. At the reward model announcement, we expect the rate of installations to increase by a factor of ten or more.

Alexis Kratko

CEO & Founder at Snovio
Has brought the platform from the idea development stage to 100 paying customers and financial sustainability in just 5 months.
Alexander Zhadko

PM, Web Developer at Snovio
Developer of the algorithm for data collection and search, and the platform?s feature of lead generation based on this data.
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Rodion Yaremenko

CTO, Web Developer at Snovio
Creator of the high-level architecture of Snovio application. Has managed to build a fail-safe system, more than 14 persons are now working on, in several months.
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Yuri Arendar

PHP Developer at Snovio
Developer of name and domain search, company and prospect extraction, and the possibility of searching through social media.
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Dmitriy Shevchenko

Web Developer at Snovio
Responsible for Snovio plugin operability, technically implements the ideas of the product functionality development. In particular, it is data output to admin panel.
Roman Fisenko

Web Designer at Snovio
Author of Snovio corporate site, the improvement of which is still ongoing.
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Mikhail Iakovlev

PPC Manager at Snovio
Has achieved the traffic returns in just 3 months.
Daria Shevchenko

CMO at Snovio
Coordinates the marketing specialists and guides the web designers.
Valeria Borshch

Strategic Communications Manager at Snovio
Thanks to the talent to forge relationships with important partners, Snovio is included in competent token sale listings.
Julia Zubok

Marketing & Customer Care at Snovio
In addition to addressing the issues of users working with Snovio daily, takes part in the project?s email marketing.
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Mila Postol

Marketing Specialist at Snovio
Has grown the Snovio audience to 30,000+ users in 2 months.
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Natalie Valerieva

Digital Marketing Expert at Snovio
Responsible for Snovio-related PR activities. In addition to web analytics, cooperates with digital media, adapting their requirements to the project needs.
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Paul Shuteyev

Marketing Ninja at Snovio
Develops marketing strategy and improves the product. Creator of the English content development and management strategy.
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