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Ended ICO : 10/10/17 – 20/10/17

Global P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform support Ethereum

Qvolta is a global P2P exchange platform that allows users to quickly and easily convert cryptocurrencies into the fiat currencies, and vice versa. They have created Qvolta as a direct response to a huge market problem that exists in the global cryptocurrencies market. In the majority of countries around the world individuals are not able to quickly (within 5-10 minutes) and conveniently convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money. While some exchange platforms are available, most lack the scale and ofer unsophisticated tech solutions, that lack security and are challenging and complicated to use.

Qvolta will provide individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Initially two cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange – Bitcoin and Ethereum, with later envisioned addition of Monero and other altcoins.

What Is Problem Solving?

Nowadays converting cryptocurrency into a fiat money and vice versa is extremely inconvenient due to the following reasons:

  • Burdensome and time-consuming process. Fast addition of fiat currencies to exchanges is extremely challenging due to the difculties in connecting merchant accounts to enable acceptance of the major payment systems. Furthermore, it takes on average a full day to transfer funds from a user’s bank account into to the exchange platform account; making instant trades challenging.
  • The requirement to participate in trades. In order to be able to buy cryptocurrencies, user has to participate in trades without the ability to quickly make the purchase at fixed price and in one click only.
  • High costs. Cryptocurrency wallets that ofer the options of cryptocurrencies purchase overcharge the users, with high commissions and added fees.

Qvolta ICO solution

With the help of Qvolta, any resident from any country in the world will have an opportunity to:

  • Sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies using their preferred local payment methods;
  • Buy cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies using their preferred local payment methods;
  • Take advantage of the guarantor services to protect the transactions and secure the trades.
Kirill Murzin

CEO, co-founder,
business development at Qvolta
Entrepreneur, Economist, Fintech Advisor.5 years of experience in international financial sector. Founder of Fintech Finance, full-cycle consulting firm for Fintech. Keen interest in Blockchain and Internet of Things.
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Viacheslav Averkin

CEO, co-founder,
business-analyst at Qvolta
Business-analyst, Fintech Adviser.6 years of experience in international financial sector. Co-founder of Fintech Finance, full-cycle consulting firm for Fintech. Blockchain enthusiast.
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Ilia Filatov

CBDO, co-founder at Qvolta
Lawyer, 6 years practice at consulting for FIntech startups. Keen interest in Fintech and blockchain.
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Dmitry Semenov

development team lead at Qvolta
Software Engineer. Consultant. Symfony lover. With over a decade of experience with the full stack, he is part of the Upwork Enterprise team. Often speaks at the conferences.
When not coding for work, he usually hacks together new concepts and open source libraries, or simply provides Q&A.
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