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Future of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). Bitproperty ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/10/17 – 15/11/17

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About Bitproperty ICO (token sale)

Bitproperty is a real estate tokenization platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With Bitproperty, anyone can create, buy, or sell rights to real estate revenue streams with a new kind of asset class. Through Bitproperty ICO, investors get the advantages of high liquidity REIT structures without the disadvantages of REITs and direct equity ownership.

This solves 2 major problems.

First, it eliminates prohibitive financial barriers to investing directly in real estate by making a new class of highly liquid real estate assets, with trading facilitated by the Bitproperty platform.

Second, it allows anyone to tokenize property on an open market, thereby opening real estate to an entire world of investors. Bitproperty will be backed by energy generating real estate from the start, and will launch a token sale for ownership of the platform revenue and Bitproperty company owned assets. Bitproperty’s ultimate goal is to revolutionise how the world invests in real estate.

Why BitProperty?

  • First, Bitproperty streamlines real estate investment by replacing traditional securities with tokenized contracts. These tokenized contracts represent ‘licenses to profit’. They let real estate holders reduce costs of expanding at scale, while eliminating regulatory burdens. These tokenized contracts do not qualify as shares in the sense of traditional securities, but only ‘licenses to profits with no KYC requirements. This lowers regulatory costs dramatically.
  • Second, profit distribution is made both cheap and efficient with the Ethereum blockchain. Bitproperty tokens (BTP) will be ERC-20 tokens, while Asset tokens will have a custom architecture. BTP tokens will be distributed and tradeable as token holders see fit. This makes profit distribution extremely easy. Profits can be distributed in Ether instantaneously.
  • The third challenge is the restrictive regulations that limit the pool of investors.

Previously real estate investment at scale was limited to large organizations, high net worth individuals, and REITs. With divisible Bitproperty asset tokens, investors can contribute however much they want, when they want. If an investor wants to enter a contract with $200 instead of $200,000, they need only buy $200 worth of that particular asset token on the Bitproperty platform. This gives Bitproperty real estate liquidity from day 1, while the Bitproperty platform opens real estate to a worldwide pool of investors.

Trading in ETH rather than FIAT and using smart contracts to distribute dividends effectively eliminates the majority of compliance requirements. The asset ownership legal structure is possible in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Bitproperty ICO Rating Ryo Nomura

Bitproperty CEO at Bitproperty
Bitproperty ICO Rating Shunta Oka

Project Manager and UI/UX Lead
at Bitproperty
Worked as a CG designer for TOTO Bath Create Ltd. and later a Sailor Pen Co.Ltd as a product designer. In 2011, worked for Ziba tokyo, a design consulting firm and gained experience in smartphone UI/UX design. In 2014, joined Yahoo as a manager of the UI/UX design team and redeveloped EC apps and strategized new projects. In 2016, joined Bitproperty and manages UI/UX design for new services and also overlooks the BI/VI design for the company.
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