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The decentralized personal data bank account. Datum Network ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 29/10/17 – 29/11/17

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web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network
web site Datum Network

About Datum Network ICO (token sale)

The Datum network allows anyone to store structured data securely in a decentralized way on a smart contract blockchain. The DAT smart token enables optional selling and buying of stored data while enforcing data usage rules as set by the data​ ​owner.

The Datum network relies on the DAT token smart contract to provide secure trading of data while respecting the terms set out by data owners.

  • Data token owners pay small amounts of DAT tokens to store data
  • Storage node miners earn DAT tokens for storing and transmitting data
  • Data can be purchased by spending DAT tokens, on the owners terms

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Stakeholders of Datum ICO project:


Submit data. Data can be personal data and collections thereof or data from IOT devices and any other data source

Storage​ ​Nodes

Provide compute power and storage capacity to store data in the de-centralized network. Storage Nodes are part of the BigchainDB cluster that allows Datum to provide global scale storage of submitted data.

Data​ ​Consumers

Any entity wishing to access data. Users can grant data under their precise terms, either for free or for a fee.

DAT​ ​Token​ ​Holders

Govern the Datum network and provide the “fuel” enabling transactions on the Datum network.

DAT​ ​-​ ​The​ ​Datum​ ​Network​ ​Token

The DAT token facilitates transactions in the Datum network, providing value to the data on the network.

The DAT token sale will enable full development of the Datum network and provide an efficient, transparent and secure smart contract token to facilitate exchange of data on the network.

Datum ICO rating Roger Haenni

CEO, Co-Founder at Datum Network
Tech Wizard & Serial Entrepreneur, 17 years experience in big data systems. Co-Founder of StockX, SwissInvest, PCP.ch and Kosi.
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Datum ICO rating Gebhard Scherrer

Operations, Co-Founder at Datum Network
Product and Service Specialist, 20 years experience in operations and sales. Co-Founder of Gelid Thermal Solutions and Arctic Cooling.
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Datum ICO rating VC Tran

Marketing, Co-Founder at Datum Network
Brand and Marketing Expert, 10 years marketing experience taking Gelid from launch to one of the leading CPU Cooler & Fan brands.
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Datum ICO rating Theo Valich

Head of Growth at Datum Network
Entrepreneur & Analyst, 21 years experience in technology, from GPU to supercomputer design. Co-Founder of Space Image Network, Robotic Systems and VR World.
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Datum ICO rating Florian Honegger

Smart Contract Expert at Datum Network
15 years experience as enterprise document and data management architect in automotive, defense and micromechanic sectors.
Datum ICO rating Vitaly Krinitsin

Community Manager at Datum Network
Dreams and bleeds technology, years of experience as community liaison and online marketeer building engaged audiences in Russia and abroad.
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Datum ICO rating Matt Kimball

Programmer / Designer at Datum Network
25 years of experience writing data intensive apps and websites, from real-time 3D to maze-solving AI’s.
Datum ICO rating Tevon Strand-Brown

Blockchain Engineer at Datum Network
Blockchain developer with a strong interest in blockchain, machine-learning and large-scale system. Stanford University ?19, B.S. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence).
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Datum ICO rating Christiana Kuo-chen Chien

Community Management
at Datum Network
With over 15 years customer service experience in high-tech, finance, events management, hotel management, international conferences, and a stint in the educational field, Christiana enjoys fostering positive relations amongst people of diverse backgrounds.
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Datum ICO rating Luis Fernando Varela

Software Developer
at Datum Network
Rising software developer specializing in the financial, blockchain and manufacturing sectors currently studying Computer Science at Stanford University.

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Datum ICO rating Alex Yedomski

Programmer / Web-developer
at Datum Network
7 years of experience writing web and mobile applications. Web-developer with a strong interest in front-end technologies.