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Ended ICO : 25/10/17 – 22/11/17

Decentralized Ecosystem to Create, Exchange and Embed AR/VR/3D Content.

The AR/VR is a nascent and highly prospective field. However, the lack of quality content is a serious obstacle that may put AR/VR disruptions on hold for decades. To unlock AR/VR’s potential, Cappasity ICO, an established trusted player, is launching a community-friendly AR/VR Ecosystem which is capable of solving the AR/VR content issue. The Ecosystem is designed to provide its participants with engaging economic incentives to store and trade self-created 3D and other AR/VR content. To ensure trustless content exchange among participants, the system relies on blockchain infrastructure, which allows users to register copyrights and track transaction history by using smart contracts that will ensure a fair allocation of remuneration among all interested parties. Additionally, we propose to use a proper utility token (ARToken) as the primary payment vehicle for all transactions within the Ecosystem’s content Marketplace. This will simplify content exchange among participants from different parts of the globe and create a borderless AR/VR community network. Cappasity will use its proprietary technological platform as a lever to boost Ecosystem growth and will provide the community with its API and SDK to integrate new tools and technologies developed by third party service providers.

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ARToken sale details

We have divided our token crowdsale event into two phases. Phase 1, launch date October 25, 2017, represents a total crowdsale of, digital currency equivalent, 30 million USD. Phase 2 will occur 120 days after closing Phase 1.

Kosta Popov

CEO at ARToken
Kosta Popov, CEO and Founder, has a 10+ years successful track of record as a software company_ _CEO._ _Under Kosta?s lead the company successfully raised over $1.8M from angel investors since 2014 and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in January 2017. Kosta is an expert in 3D technologies, SaaS solutions and mobile applications. One__ __of__ __the__ ___top__ __innovators__ _of_ __2016___ __by__ ____Intel__ __Software__.
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Alex Chegaev

CTO at ARToken
Cappasity?s CTO and Co-Founder, Alex has strong expertise in 3D technologies, blockchain and has worked with Kosta as a technical lead of several cross-platform software projects.
Marianna Alshina

CBDO at ARToken
Cappasity?s CBDO and Co-Founder, Marianna has a digital marketing and business development background. She is building relationships with the company?s core partners.

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Natalie Reyes

at ARToken
As Chief Sales Officer, Natalie drives Cappasity?s international expansion on operational level. She is responsible for growing the sales team, ensures customer success and further market penetration.
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