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Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on Blockchain. KickCity ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/02/18 – 01/03/18

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About KickCity ICO (token sale)

KickCity​ ​Token​ ​(KCY)​ ​—​ ​A​ ​Smart Token​ ​Based​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Bancor​ ​Protocols

KCY-tokens are smart standard ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols, providing asynchronous price-discovery while maintaining continuous liquidity by using constant ratios of reserve tokens (BNT) held through smart contracts, acting as automated market makers. KCY will equally ​be ​traded ​on ​the ​exchanges.

Benefits ​of ​Smart ​Tokens:

Continuous Liquidity – since purchasing and liquidating is done through the smart contract, smart tokens are always liquid, irrespective ​of ​their ​trading ​volume;

  • No Extra Fees – the only mandatory fees applied by a smart token
  • No Spread – since the price calculation is done algorithmically by the smart token, the same price applies for purchasing and liquidating the ​smart ​tokens;
  • Lower ​Volatility.

Application of KCY and KickCity protocols in Events Industry

Payment ​Solution ​& ​Ticket ​Purchase ​using ​ERC20 ​tokens

Ethereum Smart contracts will be utilized for safe ticket transactions between the organizer and the buyer. The need for credit card processing and its huge commission will be eliminated, which will lead to a drop in the cost of tickets. Large amount of transactions will be processed with IPFS (a p2p hypermedia protocol) by placing immutable, permanent IPFS links into the ​Blockchain ​transactions.

Decentralized ​P2P-Promotion

KickCity protocols will allow for Reward-based Event marketing. Traditional event marketing with CPC model has failed as the conversion rate is very low. Centralized companies like Facebook and search engines make money off users’ data. KickCity P2P protocol will use smart contracts to distribute ​reward ​among ​users ​based ​on ​their ​promotional ​power.

White ​Label ​and ​Network ​Token

In order to facilitate quick expansion and easy adoption, we will offer white label API technology for KCY integration to other event platforms. We are looking at a future where KCY is the universal event token. Kick will serve as a common reserve (network token) for other event platforms. The increase in demand of other tokens (on other event platforms i.e Ticketmaster) drives up the price of the network token (KCY). Kick will serve as a “token for tokens”, making all the smart tokens in the event industry ​inter-changeable

Event ​Crowdfunding

KCY smart tokens will allow for event crowdfunding. For example, an organizer can receive funds for hosting and organizing an event while users ​that ​contributed ​can ​attend ​his/her ​event ​using ​the ​issued ​tokens.

KickCity have Already ​Existing ​Product

KickCity – built a community-based social event platform for event organizers and attendees. For the past year, ‘KickCity, Inc.’ has focused on building community around events, providing event organizers with tools to create, promote and monetize their events. Every user has a profile and one can invite friends to events and enjoy personalized content.

KickCity currently works in 4 cities: Houston (USA), Moscow, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland) and we are launching in Paris (France) ​and ​Dubai ​(UAE) ​soon.

KickCity ICO rating Gideon Nweze (Gibson)

CEO & Founder at KickCity
Gideon is an Engineer and an experienced team builder, visionary and leader. He studied in Geneva Business school Barcelona Campus and recently graduated from ‘Y Combinator’ Startup School Accelerator.
KickCity ICO rating Artem Shatilov

CMO & Product at KickCity
Artem loves UI/UX Design, Marketing and Product Strategy. He is an Alumini of ‘Y Combinator’ Startup School Accelerator with masters in International Business Development.
KickCity ICO rating Hugo Hellebuyck

Business Development, Singapore at KickCity
Hugo graduated from Regent’s College University in 2008. He moved to Singapore in 2011 and continues diversifying his domain of expertise in a Venture Capital as Chief Investment Officer for a Singaporean VC. He founded LILY S.E.A. Group 3 years ago, the company has been focusing on sustainable investment opportunities in the following areas: Data Reconciliation (Blockchain), Renewable Energies and Agri Tech / Food Tech.
KickCity ICO rating Rostislav Maslov

CTO at KickCity
Rostik has a strong background in mathematics and cryptography (PKI,AES/DES/GOST28147, RSA/DSA/ELGAMAL,ZKP). He is Experienced in distributed technologies, blockchain technologies (IOT, Healthcare, Travel, Finance, Government) & Java/C/C++.
KickCity ICO rating Leonid Startsev

Computer Scientist at KickCity
Leonid is a passionate developer and loves optimazing every single line of code. He loves beer too at the weekends. His expertise include:
? Python, R, Scikit-Learn, XGboost, BigARTM, NLTK
? Java stack: Java/Kotlin, RxJava, Android SDK (+ Dagger), Spring, Hibernate, Maven/Gradle
KickCity ICO rating Uladzislau Sazanovich

Developer at KickCity
Ulad makes the best code jokes and codes better than his jokes. He has experience working in Yandex (Russia) and Google (Silicon Valley). Ulad?s hobies:
? RabbbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ
? Java, Kotlin, C++. Python, Javascript. Groovy
? Frameworks & Technologies: AndroidSDK (+ Dagger), Rx, AngularJS, Junit, Gradle
? Tests & CI: Teamcity, Jacoco, Sonarqube, Travis
KickCity ICO rating Danil Kolikov

Backend Developer at KickCity
Danil has working experience at Mail.Ru Group (Russia) and Facebook (London). He loves coding and doesnt drink.
? Java stack: Java/Kotlin, RxJava, Android SDK (+ Dagger), Spring, Hibernate, Maven/Gradle
? JVM languages: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Clojure
? Functional languages: Haskell, Idris, Agda
? Android development
KickCity ICO rating Aleksandra Bashkova

Community Manager at KickCity
Aleksandra is into linguistic and intercultural communication. She has working experience in luxury oriented design studio as an account manager. She also lived in London and New York.
KickCity ICO rating Maria Sarukhanova

PR Officer at KickCity
Maria graduated one of Saint Petersburg’s universities with diploma in PR. She is in love with communications, for several years worked in a large media group in Russia, where she got huge experience in advertising and communicating with different people.