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Ended ICO : 26/10/17 – 18/11/17

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web site Cash Poker Pro
web site Cash Poker Pro
web site Cash Poker Pro
web site Cash Poker Pro
web site Cash Poker Pro

About Cash Poker Pro ICO (token sale)

Cash Poker Pro Poker Room is a modern online platform built as a multilevel system of poker rooms which uses a decentralized platform for monitoring the operation of a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) and a system for fast deposit and withdrawal of funds with blockchain-based authentication.

The Mechanism of the System

The user buys a Cash Poker Pro poker room token (CASH) issued in our own blockchain based on the Ethereum code.

CASH tokens will be available through internal exchange integrated into the digital wallet. BTC, ETH, WAVES and other cryptocurrencies, as well as USD, EUR and RUR can be used for purchasing CASH tokens.

Any owner of CASH tokens will be able to use them to play against the casino or other players, having the opportunity to instantly withdraw the tokens from the system and exchange them for other types of cryptocurrencies and official national currencies of any country. Cash Poker Pro poker room will earn an average of 1 to 5% of deposit turnover on a commission. The earnings will be distributed among CASH token holders, net of operating expenses.

Moreover, being a cryptocurrency, CASH tokens are an excellent investment tool because:

  1. the amount of Cash Poker Pro poker room tokens is limited from the very beginning;
  2. the CASH token is pegged to BTC, ETH, WAVES rates, which have been showing a steady growth over the past years.

Provably fair random numbers are generated by a system of Ethereum contracts with a combination of input data from several sources to improve the entropic seed.

The set of contracts in charge of this process receive a combination of all the seeds generated from a jury pool. The jury pools are computational models of the poker network.

The seed combination is XORed with future Ethereum block hash in multiple steps, each with different sets of randomly incremental nonce values to generate a batch of random numbers for a shuffling step.

It then returns the storage location of batch random numbers to the next contract it calls – the “shuffling and encrypted card permutation” set of contracts.

That contract uses the return value of the random number batch contract to generate a sufficient number of encrypted decks. Each deck with a different permutation and each deck differentiated through the encryption and the unique one-time nonce per deck.

Also, when the Cash Poker Pro Poker Room platform is integrated with other online solutions, royalties will be paid for the use of the product.

Key partners

We are glad to announce that we made an agreement with Russian and CIS top 5 online /offline betting and gambling companies to integrate our online poker room to their platforms once its ready.

Stavkabet – betting company (TOP 5 in Kazakhstan )

Leman – betting company (TOP 5 in Kazakhstan)

Imperium- games – online betting and gambling More then 1million users all over the word

Bingo Boom – lottery solutions (TOP-1 in Russia)

1x-bet – betting company (TOP 5 in Russia)

FinBet –betting company (TOP 5 in Kazakhstan)

Bastau – billiards and poker clubs (TOP 5 in Kazakhstan)

It will attract over 2000000 new players all over Russia an CIS countries.


Cash Poker Pro (CASH) Token Issue

Cash Poker Pro token issue is aimed at collecting funds for marketing and advertising the Cash Poker Pro poker room and developing our own Cash Poker Pro blockchain which will serve as a base for a decentralized payment system and a decentralized system for monitoring the operation of a PRNG.

In total, 100 million CASH tokens will be issued.

  • 10 million CASH tokens will be reserved for the Cash Poker Pro Foundation.
  • 10 million for early investors
  • 12 million CPC tokens will be reserved for the team and partners.

There will be several stages of ICO:

Stage 1

ICO presale (26th of August 2017 at 18:00 UTC)

8 million CASH tokens will be sold during the presale stage (Cap = USD 400,000, 1 CASH = USD 0.05 (0,00017 ETH)). The funds raised during this stage will be used to make preparations for the public launch of the Cash Poker Pro project, develop a wallet, start mining, and make preparations for the ICO.

Stage 2

ICO (26th of October 2017 at 18:00 UTC) 60 million CASH tokens will be sold during the ICO.

CashPokerPro ICO rating Danila Prozorov

CEO at Cash Poker Pro
The development, integration and launch of successful brands in Russia and China (x3 mobile accessories, Armada).
International projects in the Asian market.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Yaroslav Dementev

COO at Cash Poker Pro
Management of international projects for increasing company profitability.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Kir Lizhnikov

Marketing director
at Cash Poker Pro
Serial entrepreneur since 2003 with experience in marketing, finance and management.
Managing Partner and Marketing Director at several international entertainment projects (Russia, UAE, Mauritius).
CEO at Dodo Entertainment.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Natalia Deksbakh

Marketing manager
at Cash Poker Pro
Professional photographer and marketing expert.
Winner of several international photo contests.
Participant in international photo exhibitions.
CEO at Deksbakh Collection, Deksa.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Elena Bogdanova

Lawyer at Cash Poker Pro
More than 17 years of experience in legal matters.
Senior Legal Counsel and Compliance Manager at GROHE.
Provider of legal services for Russian subsidiaries of foreign companies (Wella, Peugeot, Knauf Insulation).
CashPokerPro ICO rating Tolya Yanot

CTO at Cash Poker Pro
CTO of Cash Poker Pro.
CTO of live-casino Golden Dragon.
Worked on mobile app World Poker Club (#1 in East Europe).
Built some social games with millions of players.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Dmitry Polovaikin

Protocol Architect
at Cash Poker Pro
Hardcore backend developer.
High performance backend solutions for online games.
Cryptographic Engineer.
Smart Contract developer.
Worked on projects: Overkings MMORPG, HonestWar Muliplayer RTS, live-casino Golden Dragon.
CashPokerPro ICO rating Alexander Shniperson

Senior Backend Developer
at Cash Poker Pro
CashPokerPro ICO rating Roman Dobrik

UX/UI Designer
at Cash Poker Pro
I live in the beautiful city of Lviv, and doing things you love – designing interfaces!
CashPokerPro ICO rating Maxim Ustinyuk

Lawyer at Cash Poker Pro
Experience in legal matters since 1999.
Deputy Chairman at Zaschita Moscow Bar Association.