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Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming. Enjin Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 03/10/17 – 29/11/17

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web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin
web site Enjin Coin

About Enjin Coin ICO (token sale)

Enjin ICO ​is ​introducing ​Enjin ​Coin ​(“ENJ”), ​a ​new ​cryptocurrency ​(ERC-20 ​Token) ​and ​smart contract ​platform ​that ​gives ​game ​developers, ​content ​creators ​and ​gaming ​communities the ​required ​crypto-backed ​value ​and ​tools ​for ​implementing ​and ​managing ​virtual ​goods. The ​Enjin ​platform ​will ​have ​full ​support ​for ​these ​tokens ​in ​the ​next ​6 ​months. Enjin ​will ​develop ​a ​powerful ​framework ​of ​open-source ​software ​development ​kits ​(SDKs), wallets, ​game ​plugins, ​virtual ​item ​management ​apps ​and ​a ​payment ​gateway ​platform.


Virtual ​Goods ​on ​the Blockchain
A ​decentralized ​platform ​to ​manage, distribute, ​and ​trade ​virtual ​goods. ​Giving gamers ​and ​content ​creators ​a ​new model ​of ​virtual ​ownership.

The ​first ​easy ​to ​use gaming ​cryptocurrency
Enjin ​Coin ​is ​the ​first ​cryptocurrency ​with an ​authentic ​purpose ​for ​online ​gamers. Earn ​and ​trade ​virtual ​goods ​in ​the ​most popular ​gaming ​community ​creation platform ​online.

SDKs ​for ​the ​Game ​Industry
Enjin ​Coin ​platform ​is ​made ​for ​the game ​industry. ​SDKs ​for ​multiple languages, ​wallets ​and ​payment platforms ​will ​be ​available ​and completely ​open-source.

A ​new ​gaming ​experience with ​real ​ownership ​& ​value
Online ​gamers ​can ​bring ​or ​trade ​their assets ​from ​game ​to ​game, ​community ​to community, ​growing ​their ​digital ​wallet with ​real ​value ​as ​they ​play.

A ​solution ​to ​Fraud ​& ​High ​Fees
For ​every ​legitimate ​virtual ​item ​purchase, ​7.5 ​items ​are ​lost ​to ​fraud. ​Enjin ​Coin ​minted tokens ​will ​create ​trust ​and ​security ​with ​minimal ​transaction ​fees.

Enjin ​will ​develop ​tools ​that ​enable ​game ​publishers, ​game ​servers, ​and ​communities ​to manage ​virtual ​goods ​and ​in-game ​items ​across ​multiple ​platforms. ​Monetization ​using Enjin ​Coin ​will ​be ​a ​key ​focus ​with ​robust ​features ​and ​toolsets ​provided. ​Great ​benefits ​will be ​gained ​by ​utilizing ​a ​decentralized ​platform ​and ​the ​supporting ​frameworks.

Benefits ​for ​Communities

  • Gamify ​your ​website ​and ​mobile ​community ​with ​custom ​Enjin ​Coins
  • Increase ​user ​participation ​and ​contribution ​on ​forums ​and ​walls.
  • Automate ​rewards ​and ​setup ​a ​variety ​of ​condition ​based ​triggers.
  • Tie-in ​your ​community ​rewards ​with ​in-game ​goods ​on ​servers ​or ​games.

Benefits ​for Game ​Publishers ​/ ​Content ​Creators


  • Create ​new ​tokens ​to ​represent ​virtual ​currencies, ​game ​items, ​or ​privileges.
  • Create ​and ​manage ​virtual ​goods ​programmatically ​or ​via ​an ​app.
  • Create ​time ​limited ​or ​subscription ​based ​virtual ​goods.
  • Mint ​non-fungible ​items ​or ​special ​edition ​items.
  • Setup ​a ​virtual ​goods ​store.
  • Run ​a ​decentralized ​payment ​gateway ​with ​no ​middle-man.
  • Transparent ​transactions. ​Setup ​reports ​and ​commission ​systems.
  • No ​fraud, ​chargebacks, ​or ​cancellations.
  • Minimal ​fees ​for ​blockchain ​transactions ​and ​no ​commission ​fees.
  • Open-source ​suite ​of ​APIs ​and ​SDKs ​for ​every ​popular ​platform ​and ​engine. ● Smart ​wallets ​that ​facilitate ​easy ​automatic ​payments ​from ​users.
  • Easily ​setup ​a ​site ​and ​mobile ​community ​with ​full ​virtual ​goods ​integration.

Benefits ​for Gamers

  • Buy ​& ​sell ​items ​with ​no ​risk ​of ​fraud.
  • Trade ​between ​gaming ​items ​from ​different ​games ​using ​Bancor ​for ​liquidity
  • Take ​your ​currency ​with ​you ​across ​any ​community ​or ​game ​and ​retain ​value.
  • Own ​valuable ​currency ​and ​rare ​items ​that ​can ​never ​be ​taken ​away.
  • Use ​Enjin’s ​marketplace ​and ​social ​network ​to ​find ​and ​trade ​game ​items.
  • Earn ​Enjin ​coins ​playing ​games.
  • Convert ​custom ​virtual ​goods ​directly ​back ​to ​Enjin ​Coins ​and ​retain ​value.
  • Earn ​coins ​by ​participating ​in ​communities ​and ​posting ​on ​forums.
  • Buy ​in-game ​items ​on ​thousands ​of ​game ​servers ​and ​games ​that ​support ​ENJ.
  • Prove ​ownership ​of ​items ​by ​showing ​them ​off ​in ​website ​widgets.

Token ​Crowdsale

Only ​1 ​billion ​ENJ ​tokens ​will ​ever ​be ​created. ​The ​ENJ ​tokens ​are ​intended ​to ​be ​allocated as ​follows:

40% ​(400,000,000) ​to ​be ​sold ​by ​Enjin ​to ​pre ​sale ​purchasers ​pursuant ​to ​a ​Simple Agreement ​for ​Future ​Tokens ​(“SAFT”) ​offering ​or ​through ​Enjin ​Approved ​Affiliates.

40% ​(400,000,000) ​to ​be ​sold ​by ​Enjin ​to ​Crowdsale ​purchasers ​minus ​any ​bonuses ​applied in ​the ​pre-sale. The ​Enjin ​Coin ​pre-sale ​sold ​out ​in ​September ​2017, ​and ​there ​are approximately ​300,000,000 ​remaining ​tokens ​available ​for ​the ​public ​sale.

10% ​(100,000,000) ​reserved ​by ​the ​Company ​to ​incentivize ​community, ​beta ​testers, marketing ​and ​strategic ​partners.

10% (100,000,000) ​to ​be ​distributed ​by ​the ​Company ​to ​the ​Enjin ​Coin ​Team ​and ​Advisors

Enjin ICO listed (raiting) Maxim Blagov

Founder & CEO at Enjin Coin
Co-founder of Enjin. Visionary and creative director with 15 years of expertise in creative direction, project management, and UX design. Expert in concept & strategy development for large interactive applications, specializing in the video gaming industry.
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Enjin ICO listed (raiting) Witek Radomski

Founder & CTO at Enjin Coin
Co-founder of Enjin. Witek has overseen the technical engineering of Enjin for nearly a decade. He champions best-practices in software design, security and testing. Leading the Enjin Coin currency implementation and integration within the online gaming ecosystem.
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Enjin ICO listed (raiting) Josh Woelfel

Lead Engineer at Enjin Coin
Josh is a perfectionist and a team leader with extensive experience in full stack development. Specializing in REACT, PHP & JavaScript, he has developed numerous full scale applications being used by millions of users on Enjin today. Pioneered the transition to REACT across the platform.
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Enjin ICO listed (raiting) Vyacheslav Volkov

Lead Mobile Engineer at Enjin Coin
Technical Lead in C#, Objective-C and Java. Vyacheslav directs the development of the Enjin Android and iOS app. Proven ability to create complex, and versatile enterprise level applications with optimal design and architectur
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