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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 29/11/17

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About Jincor ICO (token sale)

Jincor is a wholesome, secure, compliant and breezy to use platform, that will allow any business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments easily with no legal, technical or operational complications and in a cost-efficient manner.

While industry leaders are already aware of the benefits, which crypto and smart-contracts may bring to their businesses (full transparency, saving costs and time, raising trust in a business environment etc.), there are still some barriers which suppress its spread.

Problem #1 Legal vacuum in the sphere of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, which appears to be a huge obstacle for most companies to implementing blockchain into their workflow.

How Jincor will address this issue?

Hardly ever companies can go without legal support when signing contracts with business partners. Similarly, to how banks provide legal services to their clients, Jincor will be consulting and supporting its users on the legal issues related to the corporate usage of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other platform features in the form of detailed instructions and explanations developed by our legal department in cooperation with external partners across the globe.

Problem #2 Most small and medium businesses are unable to implement smart contracts due to their expensiveness and technological complexity.

How Jincor will address this issue?

Jincor will provide corporate smart contracts templates, which will cut the cost of their implementation from today’s approximate of $5,000-7,000 (just have a look at blockchain developers’ salaries and take into consideration that coding and proper security testing of a smart contract require many working hours of a qualified professional) to roughly $100-500 per contract by removing the need to program them and make smart contracts creation genuinely easy even for users with no technical skills.

Problem #3 Lack of regulatory and business compliance of cryptocurrency transactions and smart contracts is a major barrier to their mainstream adoption. The identity of people and organizations participating in a deal cannot always be confirmed.

How Jincor will address this issue?

Businesses using Jincor are required to go through a strict verification process -therefore every person and/or company registered in the system connects their digital ID to a real-world entity ensuring that all the interactions between users on the platform meet regulatory and corporate compliance policies

JCR token

In order to further the development of the platform, reach breakeven and get to the global market as soon as possible we are going to raise extra funding by running an ICO campaign.

JCR tokens are developed on Ethereum blockchain and conform to the ERC20 Token Standard.

Jincor will issue 35 000 000 JCR tokens, most of which will be put on sale.

The base cost of tokens will depend on the popularity of the platform.

Registering at Jincor.com and evaluating the advantages of Jincor’s ecosystem is free of charge for any business. However, if companies want to use digital verification, smart contracts and crypto payments they will be charged in JCR tokens.

ICO listing: Jincor ICO Vladislav Kirichenko

CEO at Jincor
The first entrepreneurial experience took place in 2013, when Triumph, LLC, engaged in
milk production and wholesale trade, was established. Two years later, the vector of Vlad?s
activity shifted towards project management in the industrial agriculture field, which involved
the promotion of vertical farming technologies in Russia, which are now widely used in
pharmacology, breeding and biotechnology.
Key skills: strategic planning, product design, business development.
?I have quite strong competences in the field of strategic planning, product design, as
well as extensive knowledge of modern technologies and trends, which allows me to feel
myself confident in the role of technology evangelist?.

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ICO listing: Jincor ICO Vagan Abelyan

COO/CFO at Jincor
Vagan has been doing business since his university years (Financial University under
the Government of the Russian Federation). After graduation in 2013, in cooperation with
another Jincor cofounder, Vladislav Kirichenko, he set up his first company ? Triumph, LLC,
which cumulative revenue for the three years of its existence amounted to more than $5 mln.
In 2015, Vagan took up a position of crisis manager in Munchies, a large manufacturer of
ready-made food products. In the first three months Vagan managed to bring the loss-making
company to profit, completely change the staff and upgrade the equipment; after just a year
of Vagan?s management, revenue figures increased twice.
Key skills: business management, financial management, business development.
?One of my key strengths is great communication skills and human resource
management. I am able to effectively organize the work of a large number of people, set tasks
and motivational policies for rapid achievement of the desired goals. In addition, I have
excellent knowledge of financial analysis of the company and have successful experience in
applying the theory of Goldratt constraints.?

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ICO listing: Jincor ICO Andrey Degtyaruk

CTO at Jincor
Has been involved in commercial products development for more than 8 years already.
Most of his experience comes from web development of highly loaded services, including
large electronic trading platforms, and also cooperation with fintech companies. At the very
beginning of his career Andrey developed a social network game called ?100 to 1? ? the
number of its users reached 10 mln people at the peak. Later, he worked for an international
business incubator Rocket Internet.
Key skills: software architecture, blockchain solutions development, domain driven
?My great advantage is that I perfectly find a common language with business people ?
I always understand their needs and can correctly communicate them to the developers. At
the same time, even at top positions, I don?t shy away from coding, because I really like
programming, and this allows me to maintain authority among developers.?

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