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Incentivizes positive patient behavior in healthcare utilizing our existing programs. ScriptDrop (Adherence) ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 14/11/17

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web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)
web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)
web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)
web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)
web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)
web site ScriptDrop (Adherence)

About ScriptDrop (Adherence) ICO (token sale)


Everyone in the healthcare system wants to improve the health of their patients, and data is key to that effort.

The biggest data desert is patient interactions, and ScriptDrop ICO has laid the foundation for patient interaction data. To fully build out our patient profiles, we are partnering with other major healthcare providers who contribute to our Adherence Blockchain and can, in turn, interact with patients in the ScriptDrop network.

Knocking down data silos in healthcare will lead to the better outcomes that we ALL desire.

ScriptDrop has two services that interact with the patient: prescription delivery and medication reminders. Patients are incentivized to interact with this network through the issuance of our Adherence Tokens, which are provided to them as cash discounts on co-pays.

Our services drive up adherence, which will lower the costs of healthcare for the system (fewer patient readmissions) and the patient (through the co-pay discounts).

How does the Adherence Token work?

The Adherence (AHC) Token allows for patients to provision access to their data. It will also be used to allow the patient to buy down their prescription co-pay. The ScriptDrop medication reminder app helps the patient to stay adherent through daily on-time reminders. As the patient interacts, they unlock additional tokens.


Who is the team behind ScriptDrop?

They are a collection of healthcare IT professionals, pharmacists, healthcare founders, and blockchain experts. More about them here. More importantly, they all share the same passion. They want to each play their small part in helping to improve healthcare.