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Ended ICO : 19/11/17 – 19/12/17

Mirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets.

Mirocana is a complex, self-reinforcing system based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that predicts stock, currency and crypto-currency markets. We collect, store, process and analyze huge volumes of  financial data. The entire system is designed to constantly increase the accuracy of predictions.

Mirocana Company was founded in March of 2015. Since that time we have raised venture money and built a reliable and successful trading system for ourselves. We manage our funds using this AI-system, and we have a strong vision on how our products will change investment industry. Today, sophisticated investing algorithms and AI-powered trading robots are only available to a limited number of market players. Companies like WorldQuant, BlackRock, Aidyia, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Tow Sigma and plenty of others that we do not know about, develop these complex algorithms and keep the technology to themselves. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to hire thousands of highly paid quantitative analysts, algotraders and data scientists to gain a competitive edge that is unreachable to a retail investor. We want to change that. We aim to create a system that will be available to our token-holders, is designed to constantly increase the accuracy of predictions, and is empowered not only by the members of our team but by many interested people around the world.

For our token-holders, we are developing three simple investment products based on predictions of the Mirocana system. We believe that transparency is the key-point of our products. We are not a hedge-fund, we do not take customers’ funds to our accounts and our token is not a  financial asset. We manage customers’ funds on their broker or exchange accounts without the rights to withdraw or transfer the funds, so our customers are safe, can easily observe what positions system opens and closes, and able stop using our products and services at any time by revoking an access key. The access to our investment products is restricted by the amount of MIRO tokens on your account.

It is dificult to consistently generate profits on stock, currency and crypto-currency markets, but we intend to build a system that will be able to do that, and we want this system to be accessible to many people, especially to our early-stage supporters, not just people who have capital.


SELF-LEARNING – Mirocana was not created static.

The system bases its predictions on many strategies and constantly recalculates the weights to adjust to changing market conditions and achieve best possible performance.

TRANSPARENCY – Mirocana is not a hedge-fund.

The system manages your funds in your personal broker or exchange account. You can track all opened and closed positions in real-time.

NO HUMAN FACTOR – Mirocana is fully automatic.

The system works 24/7 and it readjusts the forecasts every 5 seconds, taking into account a vast number of strategies.


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