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The ICO solution for centralized businesses to adopt blockchain technologies. COMSA ICO ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 02/10/17 – 06/11/17

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web site COMSA ICO
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About COMSA ICO ICO (token sale)

In   summary,   the   COMSA   solution   provides   the   following:

  • Hybrid   token   issuance   pegged   between   NEM (is one of the largest blockchain/cryptocurrency projects in the world)  and   Ethereum   blockchains.
  • ICO   solution   and   support   using   the   above.
  • Crypto   pegged   tokens   on   NEM   and   Ethereum   (BTC,   ETH,   and   XEM)
  • Fiat   currency   pegged   tokens   on   NEM   and   Ethereum.   (JPYZ,   Tether,   etc.)
  • High-throughput   private   blockchain   mijin   for   the   internal   token   ledger.
  • Crypto   exchange   Zaif   to   guarantee   listings   of   tokens   and   to   insure   pegged   tokens.

What   is   COMSA?

COMSA aims to solve the problem of bridging enterprises and their existing businesses to public blockchains. COMSA is proposing to bridge NEM, Ethereum and the Bitcoin public networks together with the mijin private blockchains that enterprises will be using. The idea is to bridge these enterprises and cryptocurrency owners so as to provide an avenue for cryptocurrency owners to spend while enterprises can have an immediate and extended market to sell their products and services and continue to develop their blockchain solutions to cater for mainstream users. Additionally, this symbiosis also allows both sides of the crypto and mainstream economies to come together on a common ground, promoting the proliferation of the crypto economy into the mainstream,   vice-versa,   and   therefore,   help   in   the   widespread   acceptance   of   crypto   currencies.

COMSA ICO, a project to be undertaken by Tech Bureau Corp, will carry out an ICO exercise and issue ICO tokens. This project will enable centralized businesses the ability to utilize blockchain technology   and   prepare   them   for   the   eventuality   of   being   able   to   face   a   more   decentralized   world.

No matter what protocol one is using, whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or the NEM protocol, enterprises can now choose the right technology to suit their requirements. Additionally, COMSA enables organizations that have already previously embarked on any of the protocols to still leverage additional services and to extend its reach to the other ecosystems offered by COMSA. This powerful utility using the COMSA platform, in combination with Zaif Exchange makes this offering   a   holistic   enterprise   class   solution   never   seen   before.

COMSA allows enterprises to remodel and monetize their organization as a private token economy on the blockchain using the strong NEM protocol, as well as the ability to utilize powerful smart contracts of Ethereum to begin building decentralized applications. By leveraging on COMSA, the deployment and implementation of a blockchain will be much easier and faster than ever before, as well   as   giving   more   breadth   to   the   enterprise.