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Ended ICO : 31/10/17 – 21/11/17

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About Brickblock ICO (token sale)

Brickblock is building a new blockchain-based solution for investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate funds (REFs), passive coin-traded funds (CTFs) and active coin managed funds (CMFs). Through the effective use of smart contracts, order and issuing fees can be reduced to a fraction of traditional costs. This will make investing in Brickblock more financially inclusive across all income classes. Artificial geographical trading restrictions, including the need for a bank account, can thus be eliminated. Counterparty risk can be reduced to mere minutes. Furthermore, we are introducing a new system of passively managed cryptocurrency baskets, which reduces the risks and high fees of actively managed coin funds by using liquidity providers, incentivized by arbitrage effects. Our system is based on an underlying rule-based asset allocation rather than high-risk contracts for difference (CFDs). It uses the asset-first principle, which incentivizes asset vendors to deliver assets before getting paid, thus further reducing investor risk.

Who is Brickblock for?

Private Investors

Most importantly, Brickblock will help private investors diversify their portfolios beyond cryptocurren- cies and tokens, reducing the overall risk. In addition to other benefits, this helps:

  • Significantly lower the costs of investing in REFs, ETFs, CMFs and CTFs through cutting out the middlemen and pooling investment volume,
  • Create steady returns in the form of dividends and coupons,
  • Hedge the systemic risk of a heated market,
  • Clarify fees, tracking errors and liquidity,
  • Minimize bureaucratic overhead,
  • Empower everyone to invest directly in global funds in every market, regardless of where funds or investors live.

Institutional Investors

Brickblock will help institutional investors invest their funds in a diversified digital currency portfolio without having to worry about holding multiple wallets and handling a multitude of exchange platforms.

Fund managers

Real Estate Fund Managers

Real estate fund Managers are responsible for a variety of tasks. Some of the most important of which are: supervising real estate acquisition; evaluating consultants, appraisers and property managers; designing financial models and formulating asset allocation strategies.

Coin Managed Fund Manager

Coin managed fund managers, either professional or social, gain a platform for advertising their past performance and attracting new investors. Coin managed fund managers can freely set their management fee structure and have Brickblock as a legal and trustworthy entity whom they can contract. Brickblock is interested in productive professional relationships and will help fund managers establish the initial management structure. Furthermore, Brickblock will work with third parties to pro-actively reduce potential legal and cyber security risks associated with the responsibility of being a fund manager.


Broker-Dealers, sometimes also referred to as “market makers”, are liquidity providers at traditional stock exchanges. Most large institutional ETF block trades do not take place at exchanges, but over-the-counter (OTC) and are not visible to the public. This is especially the case for illiquid exotic ETF underlyings. In contrast to the immediate execution on exchanges, broker-dealers prefer to be asked for the price of specific products and quantities. They prepare all background hedging and internal risk exposure analyses before quoting and executing an order. The quoted price is often better than the bid ask offer on exchanges.

Brickblock tokens

Brickblock tokens will only be released during the contribution period in exchange for ETH and Bitcoin. If the Brickblock tokens are stored in a special smart contract, the Brickblock token holder will receive a certain amount of access tokens per week until the Brickblock tokens are withdrawn from the smart contract.