ICO listing: WCX



Ended ICO : 01/12/17 – 01/03/18

Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange Stop putting up with lousy exchanges.

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A compelling value proposition.

Tiny Fees + Superior User Experience. On WCX, you get the best of both worlds: industry-leading low costs coupled with incredible performance. As WCX volume grows, the value we provide to customers increases, creating supply and demand network effects that are mutually reinforcing.

Tiny fees for everyone.

WCX offers an enviable cost advantage. Just 0.1% net per transaction, and you get paid, not charged a fee, if you’re a maker. WCX was built differently from the ground up to make sure we stay focused on keeping your costs low.

The less you pay, the more you keep. Over time, more money stays in your pocket.


Superior user experience

Streamlined design. Advanced engineering. Robust features. The ultimate form and function: WCX puts everything you need to trade inside one simple and intuitive dashboard.

WCX’s trading dashboard is engineered for stability and filled with all-new technologies that take power and performance to a whole new level – all while feeling instantly familiar.

The interface is fast, fluid, and easy-to-use, designed to work across devices with remarkable fidelity. It makes trading on WCX a breeze.

Highly-performant charts that cater to both beginner and advanced traders can be customized with over 300 indicators.

At launch, WCX will support trading for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XMR, and USDT, with more products and markets planned post-launch.

Supply Distribution

At the ICO, 10 WCXT = 1 USD.

The WCX ICO will have a fixed hidden cap. 8% of tokens are reserved for the team and advisors; 5% are reserved for pre-ICO marketing and bounties; and 87% are reserved for the token sale itself (including pre-ICO bulk buyers). Bonuses will be available for early buyers.

All unsold tokens will be destroyed. The remaining supply will become the total supply of WCXT, in aggregate paying out 20% of WCX’s fee revenue.

The ICO is the only time WCXT will be issued and offered to the public.

Funds raised at the ICO will be used for customer acquisition, research and development, and hiring the best and brightest in software development, security, marketing, compliance, and customer support.

By the time the ICO begins, WCX will have a fully functional product, so you’ll know exactly what to expect before deciding whether or not to participate in the token sale.