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IMMLA (International MultiModal Logistic Application) is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. . IMMLA ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 15/09/17 – 03/11/17

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About IMMLA ICO (token sale)

IMMLA – PRE-ICO period From 16 Oct to 3 Nov

There was a long way before we came up with the logistics blockchain solution. First, hefty forwarders integrated tariffs in their ERP systems in order to have faster replies on delivery requests. Then they went online, but small freighters started to use forums and informational dashboards for advertising their services. Finally, Uber-like cargo services emerged. Usually they offer transportation by truck, so multimodal delivery is still inaccessible. Overall, centralised platforms cannot manage damage- tolerant, on-time and competitively-priced transportation, but new technologies may change the wind.

The business strategy of IMMLA solution provides customers with a fundamentally new way of interacting with the logistics market.

Problem of trust solution.

Cargo transportation is monitored until the successful closing of the deal. All actions are recorded in the blockchain, which omits trust issues between parties; Smart contract, which will be approved at the beginning of shipment, will automatically execute mutual settlement according to data stored in blockchain.

Moreover, IMMLA has commercial interest in the successful completion of cargo transportation for all parties. (Unlike the current web portals, where the main revenue is generated from subscriber payment/connection fees, and the service is not responsible for the successful outcome).

Risk of hidden damage.

Online GPS/AIS/Satellite tracking of cargo location, and the status of its damage with the use of blockchain technology: In the early stages, IMMLA will integrate with existing tracking providers over their protocols (https, mqtt and other). Data will be aggregated, unified and shown to the end user.

Risk of insolvency of cargo owner solution.

Authorisation of verified suppliers and solvent cargo owners increases the overall degree of responsibility; IMMLA will issue personal licenses for suppliers through modern DLT technology. Other entities are able to get and verify this data.

Currency and tax risk solution.

All payments through IMMLA service will be performed in a single currency – IMMLA token.

Underinsurance & risk of undercompensating solution. Automatic cargo insurance covers not only the risk that evolves through possible opportunistic behaviour of counterparties, but also the damage risk caused by compelling force.

Problem of information barriers, idle runs and high price solution.

Common infospace identifies idle equipment and enables implementation of data mining. That leads to a significant delay rate decrease and overall higher efficiency. In particular, forecasts help to lower ports load, lengthening planning horizon and dodging bottlenecks.

Dutch auction means cheaper transportation – the principles of cost reduction due to competition using. The customer herself chooses an option of delivery that fits her needs with regards to price, terms and additional services.

A relatively low fee for services (1%, by default) vs. 8-15% for conventional forwarders and 10-25% for brokers) distinguishes IMMLA from sector competitors.