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HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the job marketplace by improving the current job marketplace quality worldwide, reduce the costs across the board, increase employee quality and create a community of people. . HireMatch ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/11/17 – 15/02/18

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web site HireMatch
web site HireMatch
web site HireMatch
web site HireMatch
web site HireMatch

About HireMatch ICO (token sale)

The global staffing market currently sits at a total of $404 billion. The average recruitment commission is $37,500 per installment of highly paid staff  (above 100k).

At this time, when a company is looking to  fill a job, the  first places they go to are Indeed.com, Monster.com, or Careerbuilder.com. Without a doubt, the recruitment industry is dominated by these major players.

These legacy sites are centralized and do very little to  find quality applicants through the high-powered engine of social networks and other information sources. These legacy sites are time consuming and can be overly complicated for users, especially when they are bounced to company homepages repeatedly. In addition, these sites are not fast enough for the growing millennial workforce.

Issues that exist in the current recruitment industry are as follows:

  • Attracting potential applicants attention(noise).
  • Finding enough qualified candidates
  • High Cost of Employee Acquisition

HireMatch.io will solve the above issues with a decentralized mobile application/platform.

HireMatch.io will solve the noise issue by using the fundamental principle of networking: the know, like and trust factor. Agents can and will use their friends and associates connected by Facebook, LinkedIn or personal contacts to recommend with job offers. Agents can also be smart applications built on our API that harness the power of social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin) to  find and capture a potential applicant’s attention.

HireMatch.io will attack the “Finding enough qualified candidates” issue by using our incentivized network to  find, validate and recruit talent. By decentralizing the recruitment process, HireMatch.io shall effectively lower the resource acquisition cost and create a more democratic and free job market in the process.