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Day One for Game.com is all about a strategy for globalization, and creating the foundation of an ICO service for the global game industry. . Game.com ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 30/11/17

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About Game.com ICO (token sale)

Through the investment of G tokens, more games can be created, and business development expanded to cooperate with well-known game properties. Our goal is to be able to connect 100 million gamers from the beginning.

The games industry has always been one of the largest consumer entertainment markets in the world! It’s also one of the things that resonates with us emotionally! Almost every person on the planet is a gamer!

Furthermore, the global games industry has the following 3 issues which need to be addressed.

#1. How can we get our talented teams to start making more awe-inspiring works of entertainment?

The most intelligent group of people in the world are creating all kinds of wonders here, bringing fun and entertainment to the masses, all while remaining extremely profitable. Meanwhile, all these innovative and talented people from all over the world are facing financial difficulties in the games industry. With the high cost of game marketing in the future, the world will miss out on many opportunities to experience some great game innovation.


Global Game ICO Platform: This aims to assist talented game developers, to help them realize their dreams, and to create great games that provide entertainment for all people. The process of ICOs is just like game crowdfunding, where a supporter is one of the future players of the game.

Assistance from Gtoken: Providing opportunities to talented entrepreneurs and teams! The world needs to give a superior working environment and better opportunities to talented developers so the possibility of realizing their dreams is more realistic. The worlds also needs more great works, whether we’re talking about games or films, they are both part of our history and demonstrate the development of wealth and entertainment.

#2 How can we help experienced game companies to deal with the biggest problems of the games industry?

The biggest problem of the games industry: game life cycles and the extremely high marketing costs of games. For an experienced game company, it is often that they have previously created a game that was hugely popular and created a lot of profit, but which has since come to the end of its life cycle, and the company has yet to find its next “big thing”, and the position of the company starts to decline. Marketing costs in the games industry also continue to skyrocket, sometimes to the extent that even when an excellent game has been made, a company is unable to recuperate the marketing costs. What’s the deal?

SOLUTION “Game Union”: Global gaming; by joining Game.com’s game alliance, the world’s only universal game identity (game.com) can be used to bring gamers together from all over the world. For current successful games, it provides new ways of thinking about parallel development. Today, your game is hugely successful, but there is no way to ensure your game of tomorrow will find the same success. If the game’s time is up, what can be done in the future? By joining the global game alliance at Game.com, it can ensure your current users have ways to keep active outside of the standard game experience (via “Game me” messaging service). This provides the perfect way to keep your users engaged so they will be ready to turn for your next big game. It truly is amazing in that it allows games from all over the world to work together and become stronger together!

#3 More importantly, what happens if we provide a better gaming environment for gamers  (which is basically every global citizen)?

What gamers want: more good quality games being produced, and not just so they can enjoy the games themselves, but so that they can take their virtual currency they earn and use it in other games or give it to others.We need to ensure that the interests of all gamers are looked after! We need a gaming world with more focus on entertainment!