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The Munchee platform will offer a proprietary crypto-token to restaurants and consumers in an effort to incentivize activity on the Munchee mobile app. . Munchee ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 31/10/17 – 30/11/17

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About Munchee ICO (token sale)

MuncheePlatform, a new Blockchain-based social platform that incentivizes users and restaurants using the Munchee token (MUN), to be released by the company in an upcoming public token sale.

The platform looks to disrupt traditional restaurant review sites such as Yelp, FourSquare, Google Places, and Zagat, by introducing an immutable and verifiable blockchain-based user review process that is based around a crypto-token to incentivize ecosystem participants.

The Munchee mobile app was first launched earlier this year for iOS and is a social-networking application for food lovers that focus’ on reviews and recommendations of individual restaurant dishes via photos and videos. The app is also a marketing channel for restaurants to highlight their favourite dishes to nearby hungry foodies.

MUN Token

The Munchee token (MUN) is a method of exchange inside of the Munchee ecosystem, built to facilitate meaningful advertising and promotion for restaurant owners while building a quality base of content by rewarding content creators for their activity.

Munchee users are encouraged to become active partners in maintaining the quality of the content posted in the platform by being rewarded with MUNs for their time and creativity. They can use their earned MUNs to pay for their meals/services at participating restaurants. Restaurant owners can attract more users by advertising through advertising and marketing options in Munchee. They will have an option to pay for the ad space using MUN tokens received from their customers.

There will be a total and finite supply of 500,000,000 MUN. Of that supply, 225,000,000 MUN will be listed for sale as part of the token pre-sale and sale events; with 275,000,000 MUN held in reserve by the company and introduced to the market in various ways, including bounties, team compensation, testing, and to manage rewards in the future.

The Munchee team supply tokens will be locked for 6 months after the end of the token sale.